Monday, April 30, 2012

Cruise 2012, i cruised in a double wide!

well, hello there!!  did ya miss me?  i was out on the high seas with my mister, it was time for our annual cruise, life is rough!  we sailed with royal caribbean this year, on their ship: Oasis of the Seas- the biggest ship IN THE WORLD!  this ship was big, really, really, REALLY big!!
 it had a merry-go-round, rock climbing walls, basketball courts, a mini golf course, a zip line, flow rider (on board surfing!), shopping, bars, dance clubs.... you name it, it had it!
oh yeah, and central park!
as we left for an excursion, one of our friends said "hey look, we're sailing on the double wide!"
but let's get onto the pictures you've come to know and expect from chinamommy...

 the weird little toilets on cruise ships

 the sign in the bathroom, i don't know why but it cracked me up!

 the night before we got off the boat, this is only the back end of one side of this double-wide!  wouldn't you love knowing this was your job every week?

 this is Kyle, the friendliest dunkin' donut man EVER!  he works at the airport in FL and he is SO good at his job!!  he chatted to every customer, he was super friendly, had a big smile on his face! how long has it been since you've seen someone like that working at an airport OR a dunkin' donut?

me, after our bumpy flight into Cincinnati...
have you ever been on a cruise?  do you like them?
hope you had a good week, we'll chat again soon!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

That's what she said!

so last night the mister and i tune into BEST FRIENDS FOREVER, that new show on NBC. 
 ok, honestly, we didn't really "tune in", we more accurately stumbled in; we forget when shows are on.  i usually set the dvr because we're always like "oh, dang, did we miss MODERN FAMILY again?" and we're usually saying this on friday when everyone else knows it's on wednesday.  ok, back to my BEST FRIENDS FOREVER story - angela over at pickles on pizza blogged about this show the other day and mentioned they know Lennon (the redhead on the right and yes, that is her 1st name).  so, to make a short story longer... i just assumed she would be watching last night along with me.  whenever they said something funny, i'd txt it to her.  here's a little transcript:

  • "U can't feed a man that much pulled pork and deny him his own bathroom!"
  • "i also feel for my anus!"
  • "i'm not goa eat loose meat from your back pocket!"
oh, we are just cracking up over this show because the good Lord knows i love me some bathroom humor!  

this is what i get back from angela:

  • "Lol"
  not even an all caps LOL but i figure she is too into the show and doesn't have time to cap them all.
then i type :
  • "Haha, we r loving this show!"
and she responds with:
  • "Oh are you watching my friends show? We are tivo.
well, now the mister and i are in hysterics because i realize she has NO idea why i am feeling for my anus! so i type
  • "OMG WE R LAUGHING SOOOOOOO HARD over the fact u hve no idea why i said wht i did!!!!!"
then i have to throw in another 
  • "i feel for my anus"
 and angela types back
  • "So confused.... I totally thought you ate those tiny sandwiches for dinner" 
(if you've been reading a while, you know those little "porkies" from logans can do a real # on me...enough said!).  i don't know if this is as funny to you, but it was killing us last night!  don't you just love a good belly laugh?  if you want, head over to angela's blog to get her take on the conversation!
so did you watch this show (BFF)? what did you think?

now i'm off to costco to get darlings school pictures printed, they are sooooo cute this time!  well, except for the raggity, trashy hand tattoo i sent her to school with! grrrr, i have to check that girl with a fine tooth comb before she heads out the door!  happy friday!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Girls gone Wild

spring break edition!
yep, that's right, darling and i were on spring break last week and took a girl's only trip to the north.  the mister stayed home and worked so we can continue our faux lavish lifestyle!  we headed to one of our favorite spots (well, not really since our favorite spot is hawaii!!), our favorite spot in our home state!  we loaded the volvo and headed to traverse city, mi.,  an adorable town right on lake michigan.
see that? 216, 516 miles!!  and yes, it says "check engine" all the time.  i often open the hood and check it, yep, it's still there!  could someone please dust my car for me?
instead of killing you with a slide show of our entire trip, i'll entertain you with the highlights!

 we got to our hotel and darling "fish girl" tried out the pool...for about 4 hours!

there was a butt fan on the loose...

 we got to the cupcake shop too late (they only stay open till the last cupcake is sold), and this was around 2 in the afternoon!

 we got our butts in gear and made it before noon the next day! we tried 4 flavors of macarons (pronounced mac-a-roans, we got schooled!) & 2 cupcakes.  my teeth felt furry and i thought i was going to puke!

 i found out i look pretty darn sexy with black socks and purple shoes, or pretty darn creepy!

we had a gorgeous view of lake michigan from our room.  darling said "look the waters not even brown", SCORE!
hope you had a great week too!!
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