About ME!

I'm a beach lovin' mama stuck up here in the north.  I have 1 little girl I adopted from China 
when she was 11 months old. 

I always wanted to adopt- after seeing that "birth movie" in 10th grade, I knew I was NEVER going to do that!!  Darling daughter is just about the best kid I could ever imagine.  We're 2 peas in a pod, partners in crime and totally devoted to each other.  I'm the art freak and she's my future Medical Examiner.  She's my pride and joy!! 
I'm married to the all around awesome "Mister" who I call the DOG (distinguished older gentleman).  

He's a great husband, a super daddy, a wonderful provider, and an all around good egg!  He puts up with all my crazy ideas and my hoarding of art supplies (as long as they stay IN the studio downstairs) and he knows better than to give me decorating advice, did I mention, he's awesome?!
I have 2 etsy store, 1 OpenSky store and am always dreaming of my BIG BREAK!  I also dream of being famous and driving a white Range Rover

so make sure you share my blog with everyone you know!!  
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I LOVE: Jesus, my family, ART, (and the rest in a random order): glitter, pink, crocheting, Hawaii, sand, the water, hello kitty, cat eye glasses, false eyelashes, lipsticks, as-seen-on-TV products, stickers, flower gardening, decorating our home, diamonds, high heels, vintage stuff, Kewpie dolls, art books, somerset magazines, veggies, white Range Rovers, adoption, friends, being a hermit in my studio, clay, art supplies, and 9 billion other things!
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