Thursday, January 29, 2009

♥Valentines Day is Coming...♥

Don't fall over... i finally finished some pendants, photographed them AND listed them in my etsy shop! i amaze myself! ha! The 1st 2 are by me & can be found in my esty shop- chinamommy.
This 1st one is a pop-top FULL of fuchsia Swarovski Crystals... I ♥ how this looks!!
This next pop-top pendant has a vintage image of a little fairy surrounded by mini Swarovski crystals, in *pink*! Sealed in clear acrylic. This one will be listed 1/29/09 at
Ok, here are some goodies from OTHER ARTISTS on I'll list the name of their shop above each of their pieces!
How cute is this? A little conversation bubble pendant!! this is by: PiratesAndPetticoats (what a cute shop name too!!)
Felted hedgie's! My kind of pets!! They are from: BeneathTheRowanTree. Aren't they cute & you don't have to clean their cage- lovely!!
BATHBOMB! I've never tried one of these, but this makes me want to!! Yumm & a cupcake to boot... you know I ♥ cupcakes!! This is by: AnitaCraftyCreations
i ♥ these!! I don't think it's EVER going to warm up in Michigan... SO cute & the colors are FABULOUS!! check out her store at: WindowsOfAgate
This simple & *darling* silver charm is by: JenniferCasady
CUTE- hun??
this is tu-tu cute... sorry, i couldn't help myself! these are all the rage for little girls & can you even imagine how cute this would be for a photo shoot? i know you want it so go check out her store at: BabyMakesThree
i say you're lucky if baby only makes 3, did you see the news & that lady that had like 34 babies at ONCE... ok maybe it was only (only...HA!) 6 or was it 8?
Cute, unusual, & whimsical... Pendant by: aPassionForFashion i ♥ this too!
i am in ♥ with this simple, whimsical style! & the bird? how CUTE! my mom has a fear of birds- a severe fear (you know, cause Robins kill thousands of women every year...) but she would even like this one!
Go grab it at: ZephyrWoods
this bracelet makes me DROOL! the poka-dot ♥ beads are so stinkin' cute! i WANT it!!!
the shop is: TrashAndTrinkets (another shop name that makes me want to go inside!)
i may have put this bracelet on here before... it's TRUE ♥ on my part! i'm one of those freaks that would rather have glass candy, than eat real candy, so this is right up my alley!! So *sweet* you'll have to brush your teeth after wearing, i'm sure! Find this cutie at: beadbrains
For those of you that want the REAL thing, check out these pretties! Candy ALMOST too pretty to eat! Find these & more at: sweetsbird
Check their shops... so many more cute things!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Have you seen the previews for this movie?... Coraline? It looks SO SO cute! You must check out the link below, i am amazed... AMAZED by it!!!

Yesterday i was pretty inspired so i was busy making pendants in the art room! It seems i have a hard time finishing anything. i'm always waiting for something to dry... Plus, i really do have a hard time finishing things... I'm a "starter"! The last time my parents were up, my Mom said "you kinda like to jump around don't you?" haha! Yes, i guess i do! I wish i was a _____, but i don't know what that blank is! My brother is a painter &... he paints! He doesn't jump from clay to paint, to printmaking... HE PAINTS! I am trying with all my might to get him to photograph some of his work... he is AMAZING!! I don't mean one of those guys that can paint something that looks like something, i'm talking full on PURE talent! He paints things that make people say "how does he even imagine that".

I'm listing some more pendants on etsy this week: here is a preview...

We're getting ready to go ski this weekend! Here's a couple pictures from last year:

ya gotta love the mister's hat!
Happy Tuesday!! ☺

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I JUST (& i mean JUST) got done watching this incredible movie... Probably one of the most "deep" movies I've ever seen that i actually liked, maybe even loved ♥...

I'm probably behind & you've all seen it, but man... it was something. i don't know if i have words for it. When i heard the phrase "i'm the kinda guy that laughs at a funeral, you don't understand.... well, you soon will" (by the Bare Naked Ladies), i felt it was written about me, except i'm the kinda gal, not guy! i just don't do "deep", it makes me uneasy, so the fact that i liked this movie says something about it! If you don't know about it, it is about (in a very tiny nutshell) a lie that changes the lives of all those involved in the story. This is NOT a kids movie & is definitely the type of movie i'd rather see in the theater, because i am so easily distracted. I decided to watch it this morning & not feel one bit bad that i wasn't doing something i should be- plus it's due today at the rental place... Don't watch this with someone that will whisper to you or ask you questions you don't yet know the answer to... trust me, you'll want to give it your total attention. ALSO: it is rated "R" & should be.... let me just say again.. "Whoa"....
Ok, on to less "deep" stuff, 'cause that's how i am! i found the cutest blog today on Elsie's blog (a beautiful mess". She's been having guest bloggers since she's getting ready to open a REAL brick & mortar store soon, VERY soon... Anyway, her absence led me to this:

so cute, & such eye candy, check her out!!!!

picture below is from HER blog!

I was listing the other day on ebay (cause i wanted some $ to waste on whatever crap my heart fancied) & just as i was listing a set of stamps i'd never used i had this "light bulb moment" for these cutie pendants!!! So, i stopped listing them & took off to my studio... "THE" art room! and... BY THE WAY- if you want to see what i have listed on EBAY :

(Pottery Barn Bedding & several sets of rubber stamps, several are Stampin' Up), my sellers name is: chinesebabydoll. I picked the name when i was waiting to adopt darling daughter from China & then a (male) friend pointed out later, it kinda sounded like a porn name... of course it does!... whatever! If you know me, you know that is the LAST thing i was thinking!!!! Anyway.... the pendant idea led me to another pendant idea which led me to clean the supply room off of the studio... Can you say ADD? But i did get several pendants STARTED & i'm going to finish them TODAY (just as soon as i return that movie.... which i'm off to do after i post this!!).

Here's a little sneek peek:

Ok, off to return my DVD... & get going on my new pendants...
Have a great day!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


i know, i know... since the holidays i have been such a slacker (& not just with the blog). I did spend some time in the art room & actually took a few pictures & posted a new frame on !! Good for me!

also: (which aren't listed yet... but will be)

and then i also worked on a couple of "Cutie~Cupcakes", so i guess i HAVE been busy!

and the last one...

Some news i'm pretty excited about... I'm taking Elsie Flannigan's online class! i have no idea if there are any open spots, but you can check out her website if you're interested. For those of you that are or have been into scrapbooking, you've probably heard of Elsie! She's young, she's cute, & quite successful as an artist... geesh, everything i WANT to be! Anyway, it's an 8 week class (or was it 6?.... anyway) with 30 crafty projects! I'm hoping this will not only motivate me, but also help me be more creative & think even more outside the box!

Elsie's blog (also CUTE) is listed above in my favorites, so check her out! She's also on flickr, myspace, etsy, & youtube... geesh, this girl is everywhere!

I have to run, darling daughter is home today & making me a little edgy as i try to type & she talks non-stop into my right ear... i keep typing what she's saying & then have to go back & delete...

Ok, off to work on some more projects & perhaps dust! There is SUN in Michigan today (miracle of miracles!!!!) & though i love it... it's showing me all the dust that is lurking about- YIKES!

Happy Monday everyone & bear with me... I am working to be a MUCH better blogger than i have been...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

so, so, so behind....

Yikes, it has been WAY WAY WAY too long since i've done an update & each day the guilt builds... i kept thinking i would, but then i would have to find the cord to my new camera, & then i would have to figure out how to download the pics...and then it was just to much. This coming from a gal that STILL has her Christmas tree up & every single item of Christmas decor'.... It's not that i don't want it down, I DO, but... we still haven't had Christmas with the mister's side!

I have some frames i've been working on... but, of course, i waited till there was NO light at all to try & photograph them...

Is it too late to consider a New Years resolution? I hope NOT!! i really am going to try & get my act together, it's not like i don't have all the time in the world...

I've decided we must re-do the master bedroom now... I had it all planned out- a wonderful robin egg blue with shades of brown to go with my Pottery Barn bedding... but then i remembered my ex husband had touched that bedding & since that qualifies it to be listed as "contaminated" i threw that idea UP then out.... plus i found a smashing BLACK & white set at my favorite boutique... TARGET!
Much better & toxic-free!
Ok, it's late & i better make sure i'm ready for tomorrow & by that i mean i have darling daughters STUFF ready! Today was a challenge - as we were RUSHING to get into the sub-zero outfit the children of Michigan must wear right now, i realized i had thrown her coat in the wash (& what is it with those mom's who only wash their kids coat like once a winter?!) last night, but NOT IN THE DRYER!!!! CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now i have to find her "Church" coat, throw on an UGLY Disney Princess hat that does NOT match, & a poka-dot scarf of mine. We rush to load into the car, fly out of the drive & over to the next drive where the bus picks up the kids (& by "drive" i mean the private drive, not driveway... i'm not that lazy ☺), as we pull in the bus pulls up & at that moment i realize.... she has no mittens! For the record, i did grab her dry coat, matching hat & mittens & run them into her school! For those of you doing this with more than 1 child... CHEERS to you! I'd really love to adopt again, but it has to be a child that is too young for school, cause i can only get 1 child at a time ready! Ahhhh, another adoption- that's a story for another day (right Mister? wink, wink!!).

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i swear i'll be back...

i know i said i'd do an update, but i had no pictures to show, no news to tell & errands to run...

Ok, i do have 1 bit of news: I GOT A NEW CAMERA for CHRISTMAS!! It's the Panasonic 10X LUMIX & so far: I it... The mister came through, again! Darling daughters teacher recommended it & there it was... under the tree! Thanks Nichole!!
Mine looks a tiny bit different than these stock photo's, but here it is:

I'm looking forward to trying it out some more, it's just been too busy. Busy doing what? i'm not sure, but busy none the less! I sure hope this will help with my etsy shop pictures (chinamommy)! I did have a *few* sales over the holidays so that helps keep me a bit more motivated than those times you go without a sale for way too long...
Happy Tuesday!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009!

Oh boy, with all the Christmas & NY activities i've def. neglected the blog here... Darling daughter is out of school till the 5th & demanding every second be spent with her (not that i mind!). I've played more candy land than i care to think of, but someday she'll have no time for ol' Mom, so i'm going to enjoy it while i can... We're off to have lunch with a friend, but i promise to stop by this weekend & update all of you...

Hope you all had a wonderful & Happy Christmas & New Year!!
Must leave you with some eye candy!! This lady; Melissa Schmidt was featured on the front page of etsy & i am IN LOVE...

the name of her shop is: melissaschmidt

check out her ART...

get ready for this last piece... it is a custom
piece that sells for $800... did i mention my 40th birthday is Feb 17th? Well, there i just did!!

i am totally mesmerized by her artwork... glass bubbles with tiny pictures inside, does it get any better than that?

Hope you enjoyed these as much as i am...

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