Tuesday, November 30, 2010


As I sit here at the computer, I have the local news on. OH BROTHER, did you realize what was going on??
Willie got caught with weed (AGAIN) 
(doesn't he look sexy in this picture? Ewww!)
 Justin Bieber changed his hair!
I don't think there is anything I could even say to compete with that, so we'll leave it right there.  Plus, it's raining which makes for a great day in my studio and I need to mail out my gift exchange gift!  Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Well, HELLO!!

Does it seems like it's been a while since we last chatted?
Hope you had a drama-free Thanksgiving, because isn't that the goal of the holidays?!  My cousin had her brand new baby girl at our get together...She is just beautiful!!  The pictures of her... yeah, they're on the "good" camera and you know how I can't figure that whole deal out!  
I want to show you some good stuff....do you have ceiling fans?  You need to meet my new BFF, Fannie!
If your ceiling fans are like mine, they like to suck all the dust out of the air and keep them on their blades, which, in a way, is kind of nice.  Fannie is fabulous, just slip her over the blades and scrub the dust off! HINT: do not look up with your eyes and mouth wide open!
Darling and I went to see this (in 3D)

I made this for my etsy shop: chinamommy
Corset Coffee Cozy!!
i like it, i like it!
and I got myself a little "cyber Monday" present (Shhhh!!!)
what is it?
go here and see for yourself, AND if you decide you MUST have one, email me at: chinamommy_04@yahoo.com and I'll share a special discount code with you... but it's good ONLY today!
Here's the link to check it out:
Have a great day, I'm thinking about getting started on the Christmas decor later today with Darling.  Have you started yet?  I'm thinking I need to do all PINK and SILVER... I saw some ornaments yesterday that made me re-think everything I own...but then again, that happens EVERY year!
Happy Monday!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The latest goodies on etsy...

Ok, it's Saturday and everyone is either 1. putting up  Christmas decorations, 2. still napping from their 3 am Menard's shopping spree or 3. working in their studio and stuffing their online shops!  I am doing the 3rd and dreaming of the 1st while I am proud to say I skipped the 2nd!
Since it's Saturday I'm posting the newest goodies in chinamommy right here and then next week we'll get back to regular programing!
 big owl pendant $6.99 HERE!
 Bird Brain ornament $8.75 HERE
 Naked baby magnets, because isn't this what everyone needs? HERE
Cutie Cupcake in Vintage tin with repurposed Angel tree ornament HERE

 Cutie cupcake in a vintage tin HERE
 Advent Christmas count down Calendar HERE
 Countdown Calendar with tiny envelopes HERE
Any questions....Feel free to leave a comment or contact me via email at: chinamommy_04@yahoo.com or through etsy.  See ya Monday!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yes, please!

I was reading some blog (Fabulessss...something like that, oh, wait here it is: live fabuless, right HERE!...) anyway they gave a link to UGG boots for 1/2 off!!!  Christmas is coming, send the Mister over to this site- sale ends today!! Go get yourself something nice too 'cause they have about 9 billion shoes/boots on clearance!  Clearance: I LOVE that guy!
What I want:

Shoes that I will have to punch you in the face if you get me:

This post is really suppose to be about something I've been working on like a "Beaver" remember that faux pas from last week?  Anyway... I've been working like a dog 

(cause we know how hard those beasts work!)
My super-fabulous bloggy pal (and somewhere down the line: 3rd cousin twice removed whose mama was a cousin to my left handed butcher...) Angela (Mrs Pickles on Pizza)
Yeah...still not to the point... so, here it is:
Angela the awesome says to me "get your butt busy on some Advent Calendars" and because I drink her "Kool-aid" I did exactly that, cause I'm in her cult!
The labor alone on this baby is $7,946.82!  I spent a TON of time thinking and planning, which I don't usually do!  I like to jump in, make 500 mistakes and then get #501 to come out perfectly!
Now that I've got the process down, I'm going to make more, more, more.... and some that aren't just for Christmas too!
So without further ado... (cause you know I can drag something out for a month of Sundays- who am I, my Grandma?)

 2nd side, the 9-1 countdown:

Whewwww... it's finally done!
It will be in my "chinamommy" shop later today!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Under Pressure...ding, ding, ding, da-da, ding, ding...

Now do you have that song stuck in your head?  Under Pressure by Queen!  You know, that catchy ding-ding, dada ding ding that Vanilla Ice tried to snag for his song: Ice Ice Baby....?  Anyway, I'm only under pressure due to not even thinking about the Holidays until they are upon me!  I've been trying to fill my etsy store full of goodies, but my internet is running SO slow I am ready to shove a tin foil rod up my bum and stand on the roof!
Here's some stuff thats going on:
New tool for a new project:
Supplies for said new project:
Fun thing to-do over Thanksgiving break:
Cute new plate, $5 at Target!!:
New Project:
Granny Square Quilt

for this room:
Cute new HOLIDAY outfit:
Christmas cards, picked out and picked up, thank you Costco!:
(50 for $14.99!!!!)
Ok, now that I've taken 12 hours to download my pictures from my turtle computer, I'm headed down to get something done...
Happy Monday!
(run club tonight!!)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Poppin' in for a QUICKIE!

Ok, I seriously have a LOT to do today!  I know, I know...who would have thought?!  I like to waste my time all year so I can freak out around the holidays!!
Speaking of "freaking out"...
 My darling lost her 1st tooth last night.  It was a night filled with drama, crying, more drama and some $.  GOOD GRIEF!  This girl is not usually a drama queen, but last night she was certainly tryin' on the CROWN!
 Now, let me assure you, we were in NO way hurting this child!!!  This tooth has been loose AT LEAST 9 months!!  It had turned grey (ewww!) and was hanging on by a piece of skin so tiny you would only be able to view if you have the Hubble telescope at your disposal!  Below you can see the HUGE wound left in her mouth...just ask her, it's like the Grand Canyon!  Yes, the puffy eyes are from over-the-top dramatic crying...
 Here you can see why she was so upset, I mean seriously, this thing has like a 9 inch root on it!  Haha!  Can you believe how TINY that tooth is!!  I have NO idea how she kept it in her mouth as long as she did.  This little tooth holds a special place in my heart - it is one of 2 that she had in her mouth when she became my daughter at 11 months.
Daddy gave her $5 for her "pain and suffering" and the tooth fairy?!  Well she got suckered for another $5!
She has 2 more loose right now... I don't know that I can take the drama, but at least I know it won't happen for another 9 months!
Have a drama-free weekend!!
I'm off to my studio, but here's one more little ornament I'll be listing in my etsy shop today:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Busy as a Beaver...

Oh wait... people don't still use that phrase do they? 
 Let's switch it up to "Busy as a Bee" 
so I can keep the pervs off this site!  Anywhoooo, I am working like a Busy BEE on a new project!! I ran all day yesterday gathering supplies, I've been dreaming up ideas and there is smoke comin' outta my cricut!
I apologize for the lack of super posts, but I'm really trying to get my etsy shop stocked (you know, the whole "Christmas buying season")! 
I actually have 100's of ideas swirling in my brain, so I'm off to the studio!!
Here's what I got listed last night...
Fawn Pendants
Small Fawn Pendants on wooden bases.
 Miniature Chandelier Painting with Rhinestones (measures about 4" X 5")
Ok, gotta run!!
If you have any questions about these items, drop me an email at:
or head over to my etsy shop
and leave me a "convo".

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Narcissistic Seller

I even spelled "narcissistic" without having to look it up or use spell check...Hmmmm, what does that say about me? (wink)
Ok, I'm going to show you some of what's for sale in my etsy store, cause Christmas is coming and I have lots of cute stuff!  Plus, I REALLY want to beat my sales record from last year where I sold ONE, 1, uno item the entire Christmas season!!!!  ONE!!!!!!  Can you imagine??  Yep, I had a whole $7.25 to spend on Christmas presents!  Good thing the Mister stepped in!  My darling even put daddy's name in my phone with $$ signs by his name... Poor guy, he has his hands full with us!! 
On with the show and tell...
Cutie Cupcakes:

Button Jewelry:

Fabric cuffs:
Fawn pendants:

Head over click HERE!
and check out my other goodies and let me know what you think.... anything you'd like to see? hate the colors I'm using?,  wish I would_____, prices? I'd love some feedback... I can take it!
Happy Tuesday, I'm headed down to my studio for a really cute idea from one of the sweetest girls out there....Mrs. Pickles on Pizza  check out her vintage etsy shop here!
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