Friday, January 28, 2011

10 Random Things Friday...

Helloooooooooo Random Friday!
1. tonight we are having a sleepover with one of Darling's little friends.  I love this girl, she is sweet and silly and a real goofy kid- she is good for my little accountant-wanna-be serious girl!  I'm going to have to go get snack foods for them since the only thing we have to snack on is almond butter, healthy cereal, and some tofu chicken...  Sleepovers when I was a kid consisted of this:
(my youngest brother always called the deputy ANUS instead of Enus...ha!)
and these
anyone else use to get EXCITED if you got to eat Doritos?

2. Guess who saw the groomer yesterday?!
Isn't he a fancy pants with his pink Valentine bow?
The groomer knows Darling like to pretend he's a girl, so he's our little gender bender!

3. These are made by a lady I use to work with... isn't she talented?!

Check out her shop...she does CUSTOM work, seriously anything you can dream up!

4. I'd like this for my birthday in February.
It's a Garmin running watch.  It tells me where I'm going, or where I've been... It's probably really complicated, but I'm quite sure I need it... 

5. Last night I got my UGG boots AND my Coach shoes in the mail... who LOVES to get stuff in the mail!!!

6. I finally got my studio in order, 
 my etsy shop shipping area organized and...
the entire lower level CLEARED out!!  Whewww, that was a job!

7. I'm working on a new color scheme for the downstairs...
My picture is horrid, but I'm thinking charcoal, with accents of gold and turquoise....

8. This is a granite etching I had done of my precious girl while we were in China
It's amazing the way these are made... they take a pencil that has a metal tip, rather than lead and they tap, tap, tap into a piece of granite!!  I had several made for next to nothing.

9. I can't stand for the toilet lid to be up (unless you're going!!).  Part of my obsessiveness, I can't stomach to think of the "spray" when you flush.  I knew someone that would always say, "why the heck would you want to go into a bathroom and look at nasty toilet water?"... guess that always stuck with me!

10.  New Candle I found at Target yesterday....on Clearance: 2 for $3.98!
It kind of smells like a fireplace fire... but not so smoky... hard to describe, but I like it!  Definitely a WINTER candle, nothing sweet or flowery with this scent!
Ok, that's it!  Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kid Rock...Rocked!

Headed downtown for the concert, stopped in at TGIF for a pre-show cocktail
Good friend went with us...
 and of course, The Mister!
 How many opportunities does a 41 year old mom get to wear jeans like this?
 Kid Rock did NOT disappoint and Lulu, I think he took a shower before the show!!
 We were in a was SWEET and let me tell you, we could feel the FIRE from the stage!!

 Seriously, what is a Kid Rock concert without pole dancers??  "Hey Mom, I'm headed out on the road with Kid Rock AND I'm going to be a pole dancer in his show" you think her Mama's ok with this?
 Yes, our suite has it's own bathroom and you know I love good potty talk!
This guy sat next to us before the concert at TGIF's and don't ya know he was selling T shirts in the parking garage on the way out... I got a Medium cause the guy selling smalls got chased off by the cops- no lie!
Apparently the Medium in a concert Tee = XXXL
This morning I noticed the back...
American Bada$$??...yeah, I'm going to have a lot of places to wear that-ha!
Not like I was going to wear it out anyway...don't worry!
Ok, off to see a man about a tooth...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kid Rock Concert, here I come...

Yep, who thinks she's still 23? 
 It's true, we're going to see Kid Rock in concert tonight!!

Did I ever show you this picture of us when he took me out in his boat on Lake Michigan?  Don't you like my Captains Hat??
I'm not sure what to wear tonight... my tube top or my kitten sweat shirt?

Now here's the scary part, I DO have a tube top (not a kitten sweatshirt, what kind of weirdo do you think I am??) and I can't find it... do YOU have it?  You know the lime green one with sparkly fuchsia letters that read:
"First dibs on the Hottie"??

Monday, January 24, 2011

Starting AND Finishing...

I am beginning to see some light at the end of my psychotic cleaning cession! I have gone through boxes and bags and totes and shelves and closets and cleared out stuff that hasn't been used in YEARS.  Of course, I am no dummy, I realize what this means... I will NEED something I've donated or thrown out-it ALWAYS happens to us crafty gals!  Seriously, how much can one person (or 3 in our case) keep??  Much to the surprise of everyone that knew me before the age of 20, I keep a clean house, a tidy house, a super-picked-up-neat-as-a-pin house and although I keep my clutter in my studio, I can only take so much! Today -MONDAY- I will FINISH and by "finish" I mean get the guest room/sewing room (no, I can't sew) picked up also!  This weekend I did take a bit of a break.  I fixed a bed skirt that had a tear for about 10 months and has been hanging over a chair in my guest/sewing room, I fixed the seat of Darlings America Girl Stroller (also a tear in the fabric)

 and... I finished the Twinkie Chan Cupcake scarf I've been crocheting for Darling!
(don't bother clicking to look inside, you did, didn't ya?)

See Darlings pictures in the background...Isn't she CUTE??!! I took those picture of her a few months after coming home from China, she was probably about 14 months old... Oh do I miss those baby days!!  She was a great baby: quiet, obedient and 100% potty trained by 18 months! I know...I got the golden ticket with this sweetie!
Here's a sneak peak of my studio
I haven't seen this much counter space since I moved in!  Yes, that's glue, gunk, and paint on the counter... The Mister is less than thrilled!
Ok, off to finish my project!
Happy  Monday!!
PS: new stuff in my other etsy shop

Lator tators!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Random Friday...

Yes, yes...It's time for random ramblings!
1. I was watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (hangs head in shame...) 
next thing you know I was buying these
 Those chicks are a bad influence AND....seriously, the most horrible, fake psycho women I've ever seen!  Thankfully I don't know anyone even close to those broads!  I also don't have billionaire friends, I'd like to be the 1st in my group to be one (a billionaire, not a nasty psycho!).

2. I still have not turned this on
I'm afraid of it...

3. I am STILL cleaning my basement.  It's not that it was even a mess, it just had too much stuff "stored" and I'm doing a purge.  I WILL finish it today if I have to drink 6 pots of coffee to get it done! I tend to get a little obsessively task oriented when I start something, add that to some ADD and you've got someone stuck in a lower level for a week +

4. I love LOVE love this artist...
If you don't know of Danita Art... my heart breaks for you!
Go to her blog:

5. I love Vintage Rotary Phones, this will be my next collection after I get a few more gum ball machines under my belt
This is from my great pals shop
Go see all the vintage goodies in her shop!! 

6. Lofthouse cookies...
These are NEVER allowed in my house again.  I'm not a huge sweet eater, BUT... I become like a rabid raccoon when these are around!
"Move away from MY cookies"

7. I'm going to try my hand at making soap this weekend... 
you know, I need something else to do!  When I am a billionaire soap maker, you will remember this day!

8. Sephora...
I'd like to have my ashes sprinkled there when I die!
Yes, I wish I could walk around with glitter on my eyelids (bad for the contacts) and lips (bad if you don't like being stared at).

9. My favorite food (right after those Lofthouse cookies!)

and #10...
I am trying to get back to my cleaning before NOON, so...
I'm off like a prom dress!
Yes, this is my actual prom dress from 19 (cough, cough) 87!
Same dress, different date!!
Happy Weekend!
Same place next week?  See ya here!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why this dog is lucky i LET him live...

1st: Apparently he tore tiny holes in the trim around his bed...
 I washed it and then proceeded to pick fluffy stuff from my dryer...

 Next he tears the bottom part of his bedding apart, and again I wash his bed...
Lastly, I throw the bed away and he sleeps on a fleece blanket...
Yes, he IS a lucky dog!
I've been walking around GROWLING and picking fuzz from ALL over the house....
I've also been trying to take pictures and list a bunch of goodies in my etsy shops...

Now to try and get a few more shots while the sun is out...It's Michigan in the winter, I have 20 min!!

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