Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Boy, how is that for an original title?
Anyway, i have GOT to get in the art room today & focus. Are you noticing that i find that very hard.... oh look... a chicken! Yes, distraction is the story of my life.... But i did want to check in - i have several cupcakes STARTED but have got to finish them TODAY! I have darling daughters Halloween Party at school tomorrow, so today IS the day! I'll have pictures of her lady-bug outfit tomorrow... She is going to be SO cute, if i do say so myself!!...

Don't forget Christmas is coming & apparently darling daughter already visions of sugar plums dancing in her dreams... enjoy! I found her this way the other night & just HAD to snap a picture...

Off to the art room.... have a GREAT day!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Is it really Monday already?

Whew, i can't believe it... Monday! To me it seems it should be Tuesday of last week.

This weekend was a crazy one. One of my new step-daughters got married... ok, they were married, but this time in "the Church". I had gone with her a couple weeks ago to get flowers & told her I'd take care of them (as in making all the bouquets)... it's always good to have a florist in the family! On friday i got a semi-concerned call from hubby that the maid-of-honor had gone to get the Calla Lillie's.. and SURPRISE... they were Gerber daisy's! Now mind you, if i wasn't a florist in a past life i wouldn't be surprised at all that i spoke the wrong words, BUT... I know for a fact that there is NO WAY i said "daisy" instead of "Lilly"... At 4:00 hubby, darling daughter & I head into the flower "place" & i re-think the entire job & go with an easy out: Roses (easy except for de-thorning the buggers). Her wedding was "burnt orange" & the roses are a yellowy base with burnt orange... PERFECT! Now, of course, the white orchards don't go with the roses, so hubbie runs to daughters house, gets the white & brings them back so we can exchange them for the greenish ones... It's going to be ok! We head to the rehearsal, then straight home to get started on the 8 bouquets, and 20 corsage's and boutonniere's... The florist tape was SO sticky, it was making me a FREAK! Everything i touched stuck to my fingers... We got done and headed to bed at 2:30 on Saturday MORNING... Why did i tell anyone i was a florist?

Did i take pictures of the final products... NOPE! But at least you can see a bit here: i don't know what it is with me lately, i use to take pictures of EVERYTHING & I've got the picture of my daughter eating her 1st cheese sandwich to prove it!

On Sunday night darling daughter & i carved pumpkins. This was her 1st year "carving" & even though she complained the entire time... she did it! We had these little tiny saws that she used & i am amazed at what a great job she did! AND she still has all her fingers, which is always a bonus!

Ok, i better get in the shower, i was suppose to deliver a birthday gift 2 hours ago...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Birch Run & Cutie Cupcakes...

Oh, so much to tell & so much to DO! I'm going to TRY & make this quick because i REALLY need to get down to the art room, but wanted to check in so you didn't think i forgot you...

The hubby & I went to Birch Run this weekend (here in Michigan) to the Outlet Mall. I went into the J. Crew store & saw this darling white shirt but it was pretty sheer & since i am as cold blooded as a lizard, i thought getting it would be a waste. Well, i thought about that shirt all day & finally as we were getting ready to head to Frankenmuth, i said "you know, i better try that shirt on because i've been thinking about it all day". We went back & i grabbed my size & headed into the dressing room. Let me tell you, trying to get into that shirt was like wrestling an oiled armadillo! There was one point where my head was partially out the neck, 1 arm was up in the air & the other was so tight to my side i thought if i moved i was going to pull an incredible hulk & tear that thing to shreds! I finally got it on &, of course, i HAD TO HAVE IT! I'm peeking out through the slats of the dressing room, trying to find hubby because until i have a camisole on under this thing, i'm not making a public appearance! I don't see him so i start the monstrous task of removing this demon shirt... At one point I am, again, stuck tight & I just start laughing hysterically! But eventually, i pull a Houdini & get myself free!! It really is cute & when i tried it on for hubby, it was only 1/2 the work, so it's good!

i wish i would have taken more pictures but i thought we were going to stay in Frankenmuth & I'd have time... Well EVERY hotel was booked solid, so we're going to go again before Christmas.

I did get these though:

i don't know what it is about these cut-outs, but i was laughing like a fool!

And a trip to Frankenmuth, without your picture under the GIANT SAUSAGE sign, well, that would just be a waste my friends...

Ok, i MUST get down to the art room & get busy! I hope to have new cutie cupcakes to put on here tomorrow!! Thanks to all of you passing my blog around, it is SO appreciated!


Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm in ♥ with Chandelier's

I just have to "introduce" you to this gal, Lisa, on etsy!! I found her last night while doing a search for "chandelier t-shirt" & think her shirts are ~*DARLING*~. Her shop is


and here are some samples of her t-shirts:

Don't you ♥♥♥ it??? I that black on hot PINK!!

Chocolate Brown & lavender?? ♥ it!

and the one I am BEGGING for (I wear a SMALL if anyone is curious... hint, hint DAVID!)

This lady is from right here in Michigan- White Lake! I told her I was going to feature her on my WORLD FAMOUS blog (haha) so she would probably see sales go thru the roof! Make sure you pass my blog on to all your friends! I'm in hopes that my "cutie cupcake" sales are going to take off before this house starts to look like a BAKERY!

The new hubbie & i are taking off tonight antique hunting. I ♥ our house, but let's just say it's lacking in something & that something is "personality", although since i've moved in that has certainly improved! ☺ The bathroom that I'm painting (Oh, who am i kidding.... the one hubby is painting!!!) is headed in the right direction since it's on it's way to being turquoise! Once that's painted i'm going to buy one of those huge vinyl decals on etsy in the shape of a.... CHANDELIER! This weekend we're looking for an old cabinet to put a vessel sink on & get rid of the pedistal sink!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

i'm alive....

I feel like i haven't updated the blog in forever... & honestly, i don't know what i've been doing because most days i feel like i waste a LOT of time.

This week there was the obligatory class field trip with darling daughter. Our 1st one at a local greenhouse/pumpkin patch. I thought it would be a routine field trip & it was, UNTIL the bus ride home! I was chatting with one of the teachers when she made some mention of my daughter's outfit and then IT happened... the moment i've dreamed of my whole life (ok, perhaps i'm exaggerating a tiny bit on this one...) a comment that fell from her lips like cherry blossoms... (i'm trying to build the excitement... can you tell?):

"we can't wait to see what Kennedy is wearing in the morning, she is just the BEST DRESSED... blah, blah, blah..." after "best dressed" i was in such a state of euphoria i heard nothing else! This is the moment a mother (like me) dreams of! I had mentioned to my best friend this past summer "who really cares about anything at teacher conferences except hearing your child is the "BEST DRESSED"?" I believe she gave me a look that said "are you on crack?", but not everyone knows whats really important... her, of course, I'm speaking of HER!!

So there it was... the realization of a dream, attained by me at the young age of 39! Quite an accomplishment I'd say!

Oh yes, the WEDDING! We got married on Friday, Oct 10th. ( a PERFECT fall day!!). Our appointment (you get an appointment when you have one of those fancy weddings in a courthouse!) was at 3:15. We were a bit late since the wedding of... well, i'm trying to be nice .. the "country couple" ran late. I believe they live here: I don't know about you, but I've never seen someone get married wearing footie's that have "Winnie-the-pooh" heads as pom pom balls. Their photographer might have been the one slowing things up since perhaps he has a dehydration problem... or i'm guessing that he does since he was carrying a 2 ltr of Mt. Dew with him. After they came out of the court room their photographer said "well, i guess this is as good a place as any (for a photo)" & lined them up against the pretty grey cement block wall! Now, lucky for me, my wonderful friend Amy of Amy's Photography didn't see that as "as good a place as any" & didn't capture any of our happiness against cement block walls!! Here's my plug for Amy because she is FAN-flippin'-TASTIC!!!!!

Check out our wedding pictures here (David & Misschell). She lives in Indiana, South of Ft. Wayne, so if you're in the area & want a REALLY creative & talented photographer, she's your girl!!!

After the wedding we went to our favorite place to eat here in Grand Rapids, MI:

shang hi ICHIGAN!!

Fantastic food, cooked right in front of you at your table!

Here we are with our "Volcano" drink, the drink for "lovers"!! HAHA, look at the 2 foot long straws & you can't see it, but in the center of the cup/bowl there is a small FIRE!

David's best friend, who is apparently thinking of a career change, made us this fabulous cake!

It was in honor of my mother who after learning we were going to the courthouse to get married cried out "Aren't you even having CAKE?" Sleep well Mom, we DID have cake!!

Well, i hope you've enjoyed the update! Please pass my blog on to anyone you think might enjoy it! And check out my etsy store for 4 "Cutie Cupcakes" & coming soon... picture frames, clipboards, & who knows what else!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Updates in the works...

I know it's been TOO long since I posted & so much has happened: a wedding, more cupcakes, a kindergarten class trip, a personal achievement recognized, fall, leg-warmers and more...
I promise an update of all of these, but I'd ♥ to give my darling friend AMY a plug for her photography!! She has found her calling, let me tell you!! We were so lucky that Amy was in Michigan (she lives in Indiana) & had ONE free weekend without a booked wedding on the VERY Friday the manfriend & I decided to tie the knot (in the meth capital of Michigan, I might add...). Her work is wonderful & she is too! Check her out at her blog:
We are the David & Misschell wedding if you haven't & you'd like to check out our pictures!
Ok, I MUST MUST MUST get to the art room before i find myself naked, under the dining room table, sucking my thumb in the fetal position... it's been a LONG time since i've used the right side of my brain & i'd hate for it to turn to that black mushy gunk that the left side consists of!
Well.... I was going to leave you with some pictures, but apparently... the "add photo" thing is out of sorts today... I'll try later!
& i promise to update everyone this week!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Soooo... the manfriend is going to need a new title! As of TOMORROW, he's moving out of his role as manfriend (not that we're going to stop our friendship!!) & heading down the aisle. Ok, not really "down the aisle", since we've decided to go to the courthouse- I think you just walk up to the front of a room where the guy/gal with the authority to make it official sits. I know, i know... it doesn't sound that romantic or special, but... we've both been there & done that so to us... we're more worried (NOT that we're worried!) about what happens after the ceremony! I don't like to plan, i hate the details & decided NOT to ruin this happy time with a bunch of crappy planning! Besides what would you rather spend your $ on: a) feeding friends & family (some of whom you don't even like all that well) b) shoes which you LOVE 100% of? I think you get my drift! We're so happy that we've got it right this time and are just happy to be together. Darling daughter is thrilled... ok, maybe the word "thrilled" doesn't really fit... remember this is the child that wouldn't jump up & down & scream if there was a new pony in her room! But.... she is very happy. She, actually, is the mastermind behind this whole relationship & has said on more than 1 occasion "Mom, i do a lot better than you at picking, don't i?". She SURE does!! She's David & he loves her... & i'm crazy about both of them- it's good in the hood!

Ok... another cupcake. I haven't been in the art room ALL week, but this is one i made last week that is going to be listed in my etsy shop (chinamommy) today (10/09/08).... look for it!

covered in pink sequins, a pink glitter "cherry" & a fleece flag that reads "Now, you all eat slow" (a command from a good Southern woman). Ruffle trim & a vintage tin... awwww!

Ok, i've got to go get married, but i'll be back next week!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The cupcake IS listed...

My first "cutie cupcake" is IN my etsy shop!! I just wish my photo's could capture more of the detail... Feel free to tell EVERYONE you know!!

I just wanted to check in & let you know i have a BIG announcement to come later this week...☺

I've got a 1,000 things to do this Monday & am running behind already thanks to my VERY slow computer connection today... Grrrr!

Have a GREAT day & i'll be back tomorrow...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Glitter, glitter in my hair...

Whew, it's been an extra glittery week around here! I think i've got the glitter out of my eyebrows, the paper-mache out from under my fingernails & the plaster coughed out of my lungs! I'm really excited to show everyone the rest of the cupcakes i've been working on- a variety of colors & styles! I'm going to give you another sneak peak of one -that at 1st i didn't think i was going to like till i added... the trim! Isn't it amazing how 1 little detail can just make (or break) something?! As far as updating my shop: my plan is to list a cupcake a day. In doing this i will stay at the top of the heap, so to speak. There are just so many thousands of items added every day it's hard to get noticed unless you're well known in the art community & people seek you out. I hope to be "one of those" someday.... Ahhhh, a girl can dream!

Hope you this one too...

Well, we're off to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua... darling daughter's choice! Have a wonderful weekend & feel free to tell everyone you know about the shop update coming this next week at

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall Fun!! (must blog in fall orange!)

Another quick post because i NEED to get down to the art room (hello kitty pj pants- check, sweatshirt- check, winter cap with heart on it- check- my uniform is ON)! i've got plaster to mix, & paper mache to mold, cupcakes to paint...
I'm so excited because i just won what i thought were 17 vintage jello tins... which it was, but, i didn't read ALL the details to see besides the 17 jello molds & the vintage jello recipe book, there are also 8 more vintage tins!
Can i just "nerd-out" for a second & say "SCORE"... thanks!

Last weekend the manfriend & darling daughter & I went to a local apple orchard (because it's AUTUMN!!!!!), here are darling & I.

Ok, it is taking me entirely TOO long to load any more pictures & if i don't get downstairs soon i'll be sucked into to a "who's your daddy" show & i gotsta get cookin'...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thank you!!

Thank you so much for the kind reception of the "Cutie Cupcakes"!! I am just so excited about them i could hardly sleep last night. I have just so many ideas running thru my head.... beads, & feathers, & glitters & trims - OM MY!! I don't want to take a long time here on the blog since i just returned from Hobby Lobby with all kinds of trims that i am just SOOOOO excited about! But.... I do want to point out this fabulous blog i've been reading by this "sweeter than pecan pie" lady named: Jenn. Her blog is:

If you want to see some OVER THE TOP C~U~T~E, check her out!! She has a house that is to die for & just looks sugar coated!! I need to chat with her about how her husband feels about living in the land-of-cute, but really, it's something to see! She also is an etsy artist! So, go check her out & make sure to tell her Misschell of chinamommy sent you ☺ Here is just a tiny nibble of cuteness that awaits you at her blog:

Off to the studio to "bake"...
♥ My etsy store will be update with cupcakes THIS coming Monday! ♥
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