Thursday, October 29, 2009

chinamommy on etsy....

So much business around here! Enjoy some on my new goodies that will be on etsy soon! You know, I would LOVE to have some feedback- even if it's negative... If you see a place I can improve on my goodies, I'd LOVE to know what YOU think! It's hard to see sometimes what others see... Happy Thursday, we're off to get darling daughter's flu shot- Whewwww... now i just have to find the pig flu shots & i will feel much better...

Some GOOFY new jewelry:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Introducing... the COOLEST van on the block!

Yeah Baby!
Here's my Grandpa in the white dress shirt & farmers hat- see how he's looking at the van with great pride?! His oldest son really made the family proud! Seriously, how many of his friends back in Indiana could say their sons drove a van with the name of an article of clothing printed on the side! Take that boys!
I LOVE this picture... i hardly need to say anything because as you know, a picture is worth a thousand words & isn't that the truth!! But, being who i am & all, you know i gotta say something! Let's start at the left & move to the right.... Who loves him some plaid pants? The man that is watching his dog sniff my butt, that's who!! Now Chick.... look at the poor gal, apparently we were driving to California with 3 kids, 2 grandparents, a plastic banjo & a can of shaving cream to get her A NECK! California always has been ahead of it's time with the whole plastic surgery scene. I guess our luggage was FULL because there on the indoor/outdoor carpet step (hey- we didn't want crap on that shag!) are a variety of items: the can of shaving cream, what looks like a can of pumpkin (in case Grandma wanted to whip up a pie in Vegas) & then, i swear, it looks like a mini pumpkin... maybe they were afraid we wouldn't be back before fall & didn't want us missing out on pumpkin carving?... who knows! Don't put anything past people who would buy a van that says BLUE JEANS! I just got darling daughters kids meal toy magnifying glass out & I still can't tell if that's a mini pumpkin or not.... I love how my brother & I are both dressed in a red, white & blue motif! Chick was a big fan of 1976 for several years...
As I type, i suddenly realize i'm rockin' out to FREE RIDE...TAKE IT EASY.... in my head! If it wasn't such a pain to change my music, i'd go add that, but speaking of the music.... Guess who was crackin' herself up with Conway Twitty? Tight fittin' jeans?! Oh yeah, i was a real Casey Kasem this morning! Well, i hope the wait was worth it... Isn't she all I promised & so much more? I only wish i was more of a photojournalist back then like i am now....but then again, maybe it's best those memories live only in my mind...

Monday, October 26, 2009

New Etsy stuff....

When i started this blog, i meant to post my artwork, goofy jewelry & cutie cupcakes that i sell in my etsy store, but somewhere along the way I got sidetracked-- Shocking, i know! I kind of forgot to talk shop and started talking about my uterus (see one of my earliest posts), my Darling Daughter, the Mister, getting beat up by hoes -you know, things like that! Don't get me wrong, I'm not sad about that because not only was I entertaining you (i hope), i was entertaining myself as well! Today though, i am goin' back to my roots & am going to do a hard sell on my goods! Pretend like I've got you at Applebee's & I'm in the middle of my Amway Speech... or not, I don't mean this to be scary!! OK, here are a few of the things I made this past summer but just never photographed till now. I won't rant about how i hate to do product photography or what a pain it is or how i wish my brother still did it for a living & how it would be great if he was someone you could count on.... without further ado, here are a few of my latest & greatest... well, I'll let you be the judge of that! Read to the end for a special announcement!

Hope you enjoyed the goods!
Now have i got BIG NEWS!! If you've been reading for a while, you know about "Blue Jeans". If you're not sure what I'm speaking of, I'll re-cap, but i invite you to go back & check out the previous post. Our family made a trip to California in a van, not just any van, but a pimped out 70's van with "Blue Jeans" printed on the side! This was our family vehicle, Yes- they drove it in public & we were so young we thought it was cool (a point my mother, Chick, likes to point out every time i mention how stupid it was to drive a van that had the name of a piece of clothing printed on the side of it!). I told my daughter the other day that I was going to buy some vinyl letters & put "Corduroy Pants" on the side of my Volvo, her response: "why?"- My point exactly!
But anyway.... After much digging Chick found some SLIDES, yes slides people! She was kind enough to get prints made for me & I will be posting pictures of the (almost) famous BLUE JEANS VAN tomorrow! I know, i know- you won't be able to sleep tonight!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good Stuff Thursday....

Good stuff because i need to quit thinking about the swine flu & the fact that i haven't found a flu shot for my 6 year old & why didn't I do it earlier & how much bleach is too much bleach & should i stay in the house for the winter & on into the spring & will we be one of the weaklings that the flu takes out and.... See why i need to focus on the good?!!
UGH! i like to take my pictures at the best quality (cause obviously, i need to.... aren't they horrible?) BUT i want to put them on my blog at a lower quality so they download faster... I promise you won't notice- did i tell you I have a BA in Fine Art.... did i tell you my Prof hated me (hard to believe, i know) & that i think it was a waste of $ to pay this jerk because i got VERY LITTLE from him, that's right KH- you were a horrible prof & real jerk... oh, oops- did i just vent right there? Moving on: happy, though somewhat poor quality images:
Whewwww- GIANT bottles of hand sanitizer the second you walk in our back door! If you come over- take your shoes off (yes, even YOU!) & head to the bottle(i like to follow up with a thorough soap & water washing too)!!! Germ free zone in here!
Who loves them some puffy Hello Kitty stickers even though they happen to be 40 years old? See the "40" - i took it as a "sign"...
Go buy a box of KIX cereal to get the code for this... so fun! It turns your pictures into coloring pages! Man, did i print out some funny stuff yesterday.... I also made a coloring book of our trip to Maui for Darling Daughter. The link is here in the picture but you can't print them without a code... Give it a try- fun for kids & maybe more fun for adults...
Giant WOK- what's not to love?
This- well 1st off it's so stinkin' cute i can't take it! As i was scrolling down through my pictures I saw it & knew it HAD to go in a good stuff post! This is a few years back when my poor little girl got a broken arm... ok, so i pulled the wagon too fast over a bump, at least it was on grass & YES, i felt like a rotten Mommy.... Seriously, i think i felt worse than she did- she was such a trooper & never once complained even though it was her right arm. Banana sticker on forehead, of course!
I have 1 word for this book: LIAR!.... I've tried it & watched youtube video's ALL day yesterday- still no granny square.... oops that little purple thing is the left corner- more Martha glitter, it was on CLEARANCE... Clearance, i love that guy!
New Bathroom goodies for our 16 year olds bathroom- Target, Target how i love (sing to the tune of the hallelujah chorus)
SNEAK PEAK of my new Master Bed Room:
the color is way off on my computer, it's the color of a robin's egg

i love it! Once the white trim is up I'll post some better, well maybe not better, but more pictures.
FYI: this picture is one I bought in China & is painted on silk. The light switch cover: mode podge by yours truly :)
& perhaps the happiest image of all...
the Mister & his ELK! Yep, he was in New Mexico since a week ago Thursday- I couldn't tell ya cause i didn't want anyone to break in & kill me knowing I was alone with 2 girls & a dog the size of a small cat!
So... the mister came home with an elk & left 20 lbs in New Mexico! Guess climbing steep mountains all day is good for the gut! Who knew?
Have a GREAT weekend!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

JooSweetie.... how do i love thee?

Get ready for some of the cutest stuff you're EVER going to see....
am i right?

Get rid of that ugly shell magnet Grandma got you on her vacation to Florida & grab some of JooSweetie's magnets!!! too-too cute!
Of course my pick: the Chinese couple saying "hello" (it's pronounced knee how)

and her keyring fobs... the CUTEST! I have her Wonder Woman fob... LOVE IT!
here's the link to her shop or just head to etsy & search by seller, her store name is:
i just ordered one of her necklaces for myself last week... it's on it's way! I'll be sure to show it off when "she" arrives!
Oh... my dream last night: Katie Holmes-Cruise was breaking it off with Tom, but then Katie turned into my Grandma & she was leaving him too.... Isn't that cool? My 100 year old Grandma - Mrs. Tom Cruises!!!! Geesh, why didn't she just stick it out, i mean she is 100- how long would she have to suffer with his nutty science-whatever religion?!
I will be posting photo's of my new Master Bedroom soon, very soon! It went from tomato red to robin egg blue... it's dreamy! The mister is going to be shocked that i started & finished the project! I went at it like a crazy woman because i knew if i stopped for a second, I'd never finish! I HATE to paint except on a canvas! OH... did i mention the Mister is away on an Elk hunt & has no idea that I re-did the room? (JUST got an email from him- he got an elk & sounded SO excited! Hmmm... where's the head gonna go? My Mom would probably LOVE it for Christmas!! Shhh, don't tell her!). Although i finished the painting, I still want to put in a new light & get rid of the tacky ceiling fan, replace the ugly oak fold out closet doors & put in a new wall sconce... The Mister is going to have to put up all new trim when he gets home (SURPRISE!!) because me & a chop saw just don't mix!! Once that trim is up I'll take the pic's, it kinda looks like a pretty crack house with all the trim pulled off.
Happy Day- go shop etsy!! Christmas is coming!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dream weaver.....

I once worked someplace where there was a man named Dean Weaver... Oh guess who had some fun singing "Dream Weaver" every time i went past that man?...
Our 16 year old is taking a psychology class & right now they're talking about dreams. Lucky for us, our 16 year old talks to us & likes us (weird, i know) so she has been talking to me a lot about dreams & what they mean, & why we dream and all that stuff... Well, this, of course, has caused me to have MAJOR dreams every night that are LONG & vivid! I'm in the midst of painting my master bedroom so i'm going to make this short so i can FINISH TODAY NO MATTER WHAT.... but: i wanted to share my weird gross dreams- you can thank me later!
I was alone this weekend, totally ALONE (this part is true). I have never been a scaredy cat, but i am now. I went to bed on Friday night & was just anxious... we live in the country, the house, though kinda new, is super creaky, & there is a weird bearded dude that often walks down the dirt road along our private drive- so i'm chicken crap, what can i say!? Anyway, I go to bed Friday night & suddenly I'm awake & I have someone by the hair as they crouch beside my bed! I can FEEL the hair & I know if i let go of them, they will kill me & they are being quiet hoping I just fall back to sleep & let go of their hair... Oh- oops, I'm NOT asleep & i don't have a handful of hair, it's a handful of pillow & it was all a dream. It was HORRIBLE & my PJ's were soaked because i was in a full on terrified sweat! The next night I had a dream that was funny & long but i don't remember it now, but, I do remember one portion. I'm in my kitchen & i see something on the counter... As i approach it, I realize it's a tampon- made from a giant chicken breast! Gross, i know!!
Ok, off to finish the painting so i can post pictures! I also have this FANTASTICALLY cute etsy seller to share with you: JooSweetie. I'll share pictures of her goodies this week or you can check her out yourself.
Have a great day!
Dream weaver
Ive just closed my eyes again
Climbed aboard the dream weaver train
Driver take away my worries of today
And leave tomorrow behind
Ooh dream weaver
I believe you can get me through the night
Ooh dream weaver
I believe we can reach the morning light

Fly me high through the starry skies
Maybe to an astral plane
Cross the highways of fantasy
Help me to forget todays pain

Ooh dream weaver
I believe you can get me through the night
Ooh dream weaver
I believe we can reach the morning light

Though the dawn may be coming soon
There still may be some time
Fly me away to the bright side of the moon
And meet me on the other side

Ooh dream weaver
I believe you can get me through the night
Ooh dream weaver
I believe we can reach the morning light
Dream weaver
Dream weaver
Dream weaver

- gary wright

Thursday, October 15, 2009

the good, the bad & the ugly

just saw "Whip It" last night.... loved it!
going to try this one.... it's from the Martha Stewart site
This is a "Martha" too... cute hun?
another "Martha" craft product.... Oh- i gotta have it!! I should say "gotta have them"- it's a 2 piece set- the corner punch & the straight away punch (i'm sure that's not the name of it, but you know what i mean!).
another good: just found out we're going on another cruise the end of April... can't wait!!
Now the bad & the ugly:
the flu (freaking out!!)
the new show: leave it to Lamas! I'll be the 1st to admit to watching crap tv, but this is TOO crappy even for me
100 calorie VitaMuffin- unless you like to eat sawdust...
Ok, i've got to run! I'm off to Walgreens to grab some saline nose spray- twice a day people, twice a day!!! I'm praying they have flu shots available, i could KICK myself for not getting one 2 weeks ago, now i'm having a panic attack i won't be able to find one....
So: the flu shot? got it? getting it? and the Swine flu shot???? thoughts? discuss!
lator tators!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Roll Baby, Roll!!

Can you tell what this is?
My car flipped over to 200,000 miles this past Saturday! It just so happens it was our 1 year wedding anniversary! I'm taking that as a good sign, & it doesn't hurt that i married a GREAT guy!
We spent the day at a local apple orchard with Darling. It was freezing & yes, she did feel the need to inform us of that fact. The line for donuts & cider was a mile long, but yummm.... donuts! IF i was ever to get morbidly obese, i'd do it thru the use of donuts. I'm not a huge sweet eater but donuts.... Mmmmm!
Here is Darling with a giant $35 pumpkin... $35? Honestly, i can't see how a pumpkin would ever be worth $35 to me.... anyway, we grew our own HUGE $35 pumpkins... I should get some pictures of those.
After we ate a bunch of junk & looked through their sad little gift shop- which seriously did not have 1 item i would even think of buying.... we headed to Target- we're all exciting & romantic like that! We had to grab some stuff for the Mister's upcoming hunt. Yep, the Mister is headed to New Mexico for an Elk hunt & No, the head will not be hanging above the fireplace! I told him we would only hang it if he would allow me to start collecting scraggly mounted animals & devote an entire wall to elk, buffalo, bunnies, raccoon, hamsters, and zebra.
After Target we went & got Piggy at Famous Dave's BBQ! A day out with my 2 favorite people- it doesn't get better than that!! Yes, he did get me a little something... a little green stack of cash- yeah, not real original, but he said he wanted me to pick out something nice that i really wanted. No problem-o!
We're going to go out together when he gets back (from the hunt) to a little Italian place by the lake shore, just the 2 of us.
Have a great day!!
If you haven't checked out chinamommy on etsy in a while- head over, the link to my shop is above. I've got all kinds of new things made but haven't taken a single photo- maybe today...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mmmm, makes me wanna SHOP!

When i logged on to my Yahoo page this morning they had a whole article about YOUNG (25 & under) entrepreneur's. Boy do i wish i was on that list, not only because I wish I 25 & NOT 40, but also because I always wanted to be a young successful entrepreneur! It's too late for me on the whole "young" thing.... Anyway, i logged onto one of the sites because it was a clothing site. They have a TON of clothes- dresses, tops, skirts, shoes.... everything! It's a young married couple that started the business in college. I just think it's awesome that they had this great idea, went with it & have become a huge success! Go check them out at . I've grabbed a few of my fave's for you here (& how much do i love littlemisscrafty for showing me how to cut & paste on my mac!!??)

cute stuff, hun? Like i said: too late for me on the 25 & under group, but i do have my little piece of business on the web... go check out my store on, store name: chinamommy
have a GREAT day!

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