Thursday, December 31, 2009

Well, it's that time of year again...

I thought I'd leave 2009 with a year in photographs... 
Hope you enjoy:

In January:
We had a NY eve party
My pal & I did what we do best... act like dorks!

We went skiing at Crystal Mtn in northern Michigan

In February we:
went to Maui

I BEGGED daily to never return to MI & yes, I really could live there & no, I wouldn't miss the seasons!

I reluctantly turned 40 (although I don't think I minded at this very moment).

In March:
we got rid of the snow & tried out the Barbie roller skates

In April: 
we got ready for Easter

we colored eggs with DOMO

& we cruised the Caribbean

while dressed in our best!

In May:
we did nothing (obviously)

In June:
we ended kindergarten...insert the sound of a mother weeping!

We got ice cream!

celebrated the 5 year anniversary of darling daughters adoption!  What a WONDERFUL 5 Years!! 
Adopt a kid, save YOUR life!

In July:
we watched fireworks

we added a puppy to the family & watched our girl turn 6

In August we:
wished the mister a happy #51

saw double rainbows in our backyard!

 picked Michigan blueberries!

& pretended to camp at a hotel... Our friends tried to show us how fun camping was...

In September we:
packed the garden away

added this little 1993 beauty

went to Art Prize in downtown Grand Rapids, MI

& sent this little gal on to 1st grade (insert the sound of a mother weeping)

In October we:
Went to the pumpkin patch
& celebrated our wedding anniversary (nope, not 1 picture of that...)

glittered skulls

& the Mister shot an elk

we watched the leaves in our yard get ready to fall & I laid in the fetal position because winter was staring into my face

Christian came to town

I found Jesus in a salvage yard

I sent my princess to school as a vampire bat

My dear cousin got engaged to the man of her dreams (no, that's not him, that's me!)

In December we:
started decorating for Christmas:
Happy Birthday Jesus!

we went to see Santa

we proved our dog was a boy despite his pink coat

& then we thought about how very lucky we are!!
Thanks to all of you that take the time to read about my goofy adventures, look at my artwork & leave me comments- I can't tell you how much it means to me!!
I hope 2010 brings many wonderful things to you & yours!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The most fun you can have for $3.99!!

Have you seen these?

I saw them right before Christmas on our local morning show...they had a florist on who was making quick & easy arrangements.  I knew we had to have them, not to arrange flowers in (although, I was a florist for many years in college & a bit beyond), but just play with!  Darling daughter got them in her Christmas stocking from Santa.  I'm telling you we've had more fun with these little beads...

so much fun that we had to go back & get a baggie of "aqua only" yesterday!

You pick a container, fill it with water & start dropping in the beads (which are about the size of a seed bead), then wait 24 hours & they're all puffed up!  They are like rubber bouncy balls!!  Darling & I have made several vases full of them...

If you have kids that do NOT put things in their mouth, go grab a bag... seriously fun & pretty!!  I got ours at JoAnne's... I'm sure they are available other places that carry floristy type stuff.  If you're like me & get distracted by foil, you'll love the sparkly quality of these so much, you may find yourself staring off into space thinking of glitter & dreaming of ponies with pink hair... have fun!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Mini Christmas Re-cap...

Oh boy, laundry is going, decorations are coming down, house looks like it blew up & I'm tired already!  Darling daughter is home from school & needs my assistance every few moments so this is going to be short...

We stayed home Christmas morning which is something I've NEVER done, well only once, till this year!  The only Christmas I stayed home as a child was in 1976 & that's because my youngest brother was being born during lunch on Christmas day.  Our family is out of state & that means lots of travel, funny how we were the only ones that did the traveling... anywhooooo- We got to stay home Christmas morning & isn't Christmas morning so much fun with a little one in the house?

Who is the happiest girl in the world with her new DS?
some of the aftermath:

a little breakfast & a little rubiks cube! 
 We kept mixing it just a little & she could get it back but then the Mister really twisted it up & she yells "Dad, now you got it all mixed up, it's ruined".  I don't think she believed me that there are some out there that can fix it after it's "ruined".  
Ewwww, look what I let her eat!!  Glow in the dark cereal, not something I usually allow, especially since the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd ingredient is SUGAR!

We opened presents, yelled at the dog, threw the paper in the recycle bag & then we did travel... less than 2 hours to my parents-not bad!

This Christmas was different... my Grandma is in a nursing home, my yougest brother is in MT, & my cousins were getting together with the other side of their family - so it was just my middle brother, my parents & the 3 of us.  My brothers girlfriend had to hang with her family so she couldn't come either & it's really too bad cause this is the 1st girlfriend of his I've REALLY liked.  I even made her a granny square scarf... sadly, there are NO pictures!  What is wrong with me?
We got to my parents around NOON & isn't that the best time to arrive?

My mom's pretty table with the napkins provided by moi'!

Given to me by a friend that knows me too well!!

mom & dads tree loaded with ornaments that are from years & years ago!  I guess i should have taken pictures... one is the ornament from my grandparents 1st Christmas tree & another one my dad made in 1st grade!

I think this is a sight we're going to be seeing a LOT!
Ok, I know this wasn't that interesting, but isn't it hard when life gets in the way of blogging?!
So did you get a FANTASTIC gift this year?  Please, you have my permission to brag, you don't have to say "family time", you can tell me what it really was like: a white Range Rover!  AND... if you got that, it was suppose to be MINE, so bring it BACK!!!
I'll try & grab a picture of my greediness today & share gifts tomorrow!
Ok, let's hear about your goods!!!

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