Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow, snow, & MORE SNOW!

i haven't left the house since Saturday night for a Christmas party... There is SO much snow here in West Michigan! Don't think i'm surprised... it IS Michigan & it IS winter, but i'm having flashes of the movie: The Shining & hope i don't end up with cabin fever... red rum, red rum! If you didn't see that movie- i don't recommend watching it alone!!!

Below is the view from my laundry room door... Honestly, it doesn't show how deep it REALLY is, but i'm NOT going any closer to the outside than this to get pictures...

Ahhh, remember being a kid and you LIKED to be out in this?

this is 2 seconds later when the wind kicked up...

From our home to yours... Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

a handy little tip... maybe

I was just thinking if you want to watch that crazy video you probably better hit the pause button on my little "Juke-box" that plays all the time... The thought of both those playing at once - eeeek! i am HYPER-sensitive to noise, it makes me a little psycho sometimes. i HAD to do daycare for a while after i got home from China with darling daughter & those kids had me inching towards the edge of the ledge with all the NOISE...
i'm off to run errands since i'm under a (cue the ominous music) WINTER STORM WARNING! We aren't too far from Lake Michigan, so who knows how much we'll get thanks to a little thing called "lake effect"...

i ♥ this video...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

VW ♥

i drive a VW (new) Beetle in orange... i ♥ it, although it doesn't get me up as high as my jeep did... When you are 4' 11 3/4", gettin up high is a big deal! You can't even use that tube thing at the bank in the normal way - you have to roll the window down, open your door & then lean thru the open window for support- CLASSY! But i digress... I was doing an etsy search yesterday for "VW" (darling daughter & i like to put in random words & see what pops up) & found these cuties:


BadAssCustomDecals. i ♥ this... hmmmm, where could i put it??

And wait till you see this one.... is that stinkin' cute or what??? She sells the eyelashes!!! Oh that totally cracks me up! I must admit i have a "thing" for false eyelashes & find any excuse to wear them... you know, like going to the grocery store! I channel that Kardashian (sp?) girl (minus that bootie!)
Ok, i'm such a slacker now with my own art, i am totally uninspired & just not sure what to do. i'm not real sure i know what kind of artist i am.... i hope to get my kiln hooked up in the spring- maybe i am a ceramicist?! Still lookin' for my "thang"...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

have you met Blythe?

I'm not sure if I'm the only one that hasn't got in on the Blythe doll obsession or if it's kind of an "underground" thing... Blythe, if you don't know, was a doll introduced in the 70's, but never really took off with the kiddies. Yoy could pull a string (i believe) & her eyes would change colors (yeah, no wonder the kids were scared!). She's not for kids anymore...
I've been checking out all the cool pictures on flickr & holy cow... there is some pretty elaborate stuff going on! Now, of course, I WANT ONE TOO!! To some, i realize, dolls are creepy & i totally understand why, but... I find these girls & all their outfits to be so cute! When i told the mister i wanted one of these girls, i got the "oh-no-dolls!!" look from him, but i assured him i wouldn't be like "those" girls who have like 50, i only needed 1... for now (hee, hee!!). i think another reason i MUST have one... they aren't that easy to find, i love a good hunt for something.
Here are a bunch of Christmas Blythe's from flickr. The artists name is below each photo. You'll either LOVE these or you'll be totally freaked out...

by Amberrenee

by axelsrose

by BoopsieDaisy

by DeepFreeze

by erregiro

by famini angel art

by Jillybug

by kmiller799
by littlewhimsies
by peppercornpixie
by Ragazza
by rockymountainroz
Ok, i better finish my Christmas cards, think about wrapping gifts... or maybe just go to the art room, that sounds like MUCH more fun!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I've got it!!!

craftstylish is that website & the project is called: How to make a Snowstorm (how cute is that?)http://www.craftstylish.com/item/28838/how-to-make-a-snowstorm

and here are some pictues i used from their website:

Mixed Media pieces...

I've been promising my new mixed media pieces, so here is what i have done so far. I didn't realize i would spend soooo much time waiting for glue, medium, layers of acrylic & paint to dry. The fumes were making me wish for summer & OPEN WINDOWS! If i start chattering in nonsense- you'll know the fumes did me in or perhaps no one would notice! Please forgive the horrid photo's. I had a real JERK as an art prof, so perhaps i wasn't paying attention on the day he told how to get great product shots, or then again... maybe i need that fancy new camera for Christmas.... Yes, yes, i DO use the blog to put a bug in hubby's ear!!!! I'd LOVE to hear what kind of camera you use & any tips are always appreciated....

My 1st piece is "Sugar Fairy"

Real silver German Glass glitter on the edge of the tin

I'm getting some glare off the glaze that's on everything. The little sugar fairy sits "out" away from the background. See her little bird with the feather in his hair?

The next piece is a little cupcake sweetie!

She sits on her cupcake inside this cute box. I made a little flag banner that hangs behind her. There is an acrylic "window" that will go in the front opening, but with my pictures being as sad as they are, the last thing i needed was more GLARE...

I'm not sure what i'm going to do with this little embellished cupcake yet, but thought i would show it too...

I've also been working on some Christmas Banners, here is the one hanging on my fireplace:

and this final picture.... groan, groan... I don't even want to show it, it is SO bad, BUT... this is the coolest decoration (possibly) ever!

i found it on this craft site & as soon as i can remember the name of it, i'll post it because they have some amazing shots of it. I know by my picture you're thinking "coolest decoration ever"? BUT, it is so beautiful in person & so easy!! I am lucky enough to have a cricut (thanks to my wonderful husband- who was still the manfriend at that time) so i cut out 100's of little circles with no work at all (if you have a circle punch that would work too, i used a 1" circle). I hung fish line (they use dental floss on the website... but i love the shimmer of the fish line & cheap? hello- a whole role for a few bucks!) on my curtain rods then used 6 "snow dots" for each strand. You actually use 12 circles, put glue on 1 stick it on the fish line & put another (circle) on top of the 1 with glue. They move just slightly & look SO cute, i'm leaving them up ALL winter! My daughter loved handing me the circles & counting them out in groups of 6- so it was a great kid friendly craft for us. I'm off to hung for that website, because i think EVERYONE should have "snow" in their windows!!!

Enjoy & again... I'd love to hear what camera you're using!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Facebook... & UNcommon goods!

If you're looking for a GREAT way to waste TONS of time stalking all the people you went to HS/college with, worked with, or... dated, you need to get yourself ON (facebook). NO, i don't work for them, but am just having the best time re-connecting with "the past". Re-connecting... not stalking ☺. Make sure if you have a maiden name you hyphenate.. very hard to find the girls when you don't know their married names... my tip of the day!

I spent yesterday looking thru an eye that looked like it had Vaseline on it. i got nothing done because i was wandering around convincing myself i had ocular degeneration & didn't know if Paul Harvey could send me those vitamins in time to save my sight. It turns out i got a bad contact, because - Miracle of Miracles... i was healed today for a few hours till i put that darn thing back in & here came the cloud... Don't worry, i'm now sporting my semi-ugly glasses (new ones here a week from Friday & they are OH SO CUTE!) & headed down to the art room to actually finish up my "mixed media" goodies ☺

Have a GREAT day!!

All the "goodies" featured are from http://www.uncommongoods.com/

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Eye-Candy!

I thought i would have my little mixed media pieces ready to show today, but... all the little pieces, the glue & the glaze took MUCH longer to dry than i thought, so i am off to "work" to finish those up today. I wanted to post some amazing glass pieces ALL of which can be found on http://www.etsy.com/ . I am listing the name of each shop ABOVE the piece if you want to see more... head over to their shops! Hope you enjoy these pretties!







oh & good news! My Robin egg Blue picture frame with the Chandelier SOLD!! I was just feeling a little blue about my lack of sales, so i'm feeling better today!

Happy Shopping!!

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