Thursday, July 30, 2009

isn't it better for me to keep bugging you about a contest where YOU win something instead of me (that funniest blogger contest)?!! Go to MONDAYS post & see what you have to do to win this
Cutie~Cupcake!!is it any reason i can't get anything done on the computer today? Yes, that is darling daughter in a dog bed right next to me, yes it's pink & yes, he's a boy dog- sue me! he has no nuts now, he doesn't care & besides: aren't dogs color blind? He's secure in his masculinity or lack thereof!Did i run last night- no, but... we did go for a walk & that's the 1st step! to go out & kill myself & feel like crap for a week just isn't a good idea. Let me tell you how relaxing this walk was: Darling daughter wanted us to ride bikes so she could ride in that pod thing behind Mister's bike. i didn't want to ride bikes, i'm headed toward running AND i'm the Mom & i get to say what we're doing. Darling Daughter was furious... REALLY? Why does she think she is suddenly in charge? Hmmm, perhaps she IS a bit spoiled- so hard when there is only 1! i try REALLY hard & she is a great kid 99.9% of the time, but last night... Grrrr!
In her 6 yr old mind i guess she thought if she screamed & cried the entire time we would get out the bikes... NOPE! Yeah, the whole walk she cried & acted like she was dying. i'm surprised no one in the subdivision (where we were walking) called family services or whatever that service is called. Think about it- a large man, a small woman & a screaming Chinese kid... looks a little shady if i do say so myself! I am happy to tell you she is still alive & well this morning & the walk didn't kill her!
i gotta go, she is laying beside me (see photo above taken moments ago) making loud "meowing sounds- no, that's not annoying AT ALL!!
i got some new "stuff" & am going to make some doggy pendants- hope to do that today once these 2 are locked in the dog run.
Have a great day & don't forget to enter your bad-self in my give-away!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Come on get Healthy... or kinda'

First let me say: WELCOME NEW FOLLOWERS! I'm so excited about all the contest entries: Keep them coming! (Make sure you are going to MONDAYS post to enter- ONLY enter on that post!!) Please pass it on...

So yesterday i have a package in my mailbox- yippeeee! i loves me some mail & especially if it's in a box or large envelope! It was my amazon order... the "Skinny B*$ch" box set & my copy of "the shack" ... quite a combination hun? I've been scanning through my "skinny" book, as i will now refer to it. The language is "rough" to say the least & we (the authors & I) are not on the same page politically AT ALL, but i do think i'll gain some great info out of it without joining peta or giving up milk! My gram just turned 100 & drank whole milk her entire life. If vegan is for you- go for it, but with my Mister in the farming industry (NO- he is not a farmer, don't get me started on what a horrid farmers wife i'd make, think: Green Acres...LOL), it's not for us. I'm not a huge fan of meat, but i just have no desire to give up all animal products regardless of what some say... To each their own, that's what i'm sayin'! I did just turn 40 in Feb. so i WANT to start eating better & have kinda fallin' off the wagon of health & exercise (kinda, but if my cousin is reading this, she's cracking up- she thinks lettuce on your burger is being a "health nut"- love you!!). I've been saying i'm going to start running for ages & so.... TONIGHT, I'm starting again! I was a runner & would really like someone (the Mister...hee, hee) to be able to bounce a quarter off my butt again! Don't worry this blog isn't going to become all about wheat germ & athlete's foot, but it is a place for me to be accountable. If you see me eating a whopper & laying under a booth somewhere, feel free to give me a kick!
Tonight is my darling daughter's 1st golf lesson and i am SO excited & so is she.... aren't you, aren't you?? yes, you ARE!! No, really, she is! I think this is a GREAT sport & something we can do as a family for years & years to come. Plus, i want her to be on the LPGA & be a surgeon on the side... No, i'm not living through her vicariously, i promise!
Sorry this is a photo free post, i personally like some eye candy, i do! I never realized what a TON of work (coming from someone that doesn't have a job- hahahahaha) it is to gather pictures & post them. Oh somebody slap me... TON in capital letters even! TON of work? Seriously, what is wrong with me? hahaha, i kill me! Maybe darling daughter & i will try to do something interesting later to photograph!
Have a great day & don't feel too sorry for me slaving away at the computer gathering photo's for tomorrow's post!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

art, giveaways & wedgies at the fair!

FIRST off, i HAVE to mention the Cutie~Cupcake i'm giving away... Go to yesterday's post to ENTER & see the details!! Go, go NOW & tell EVERYONE you know!!!
I don't know if i mentioned we went to the fair last week. A county fair is always a great place to see couture Fashion!
i don't think she's going to lose him... nor will he be shot by a hunter! The local county fair- Once again proving there is someone for everyone!
I'm pretty sure he was with security
is this what they call an oxymoron?
As soon as my book (Skinny B*$ch) comes in the mail, we'll start eating healthy... Until then we had: French Fries with vinegar, ice cream sandwiches and (of course) an ELEPHANT EAR! Darling daughter asked me how they got it off the Elephant- ha!
She's 6 now, but still SO tiny she wasn't allowed on a lot of the rides, but any age can shoot a GUN!
did i mention how awesome the prizes are? who doesn't want an inflatable hammer that says "eat my dust" (perfect for smacking your mom on the bum the rest of the day!). Her outfit cracks me up! Lavender jump suit with a gold metallic cat, makes me wanna break out into "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor!
I really haven't done much art this summer... It's just too hard with Teddy (the new puppy) and darling daughter. The breeder "puppy-pad" trained him & Grrrrrr.... getting him to STOP peeing on rugs is making me want to pull my hair out. I am constantly watching his water intake & the clock & then yelling for darling to come take him out. Yeah, the work of a puppy... not as much fun as she thought it was going to be! Did i mention she locks herself out of the house every time she takes him out, so no matter what i'm doing at the time (including a shower) i have to run unlock the door!
anyway, i started this several weeks ago & now it's finally hanging!
i usually don't make stuff for our home, so this was a fun project! The little ceramic girl is by Ashley G
Happy Tuesday- looks like rain here in W. Michigan! Love to work in the art room when it's raining!
OH... just found this amazing tutorial, a "Frozen Charlotte" tutorial no less! Not sure what this is? Go check it out here on Sandy's Creations:
Sandy's a wonderful artist & will be in Somerset Home magazine soon! WOW! If you love mixed media art & don't know of the Somerset Magazines.... you MUST check them out! Run like a bunny over to Sandy's blog & tell her chinamommy sent you!

Monday, July 27, 2009

give it away, give it away, give it away NOW!

That's right... I'm doing my 1st Ever "GIVE AWAY" go ahead, sing "Give it away, give it away, give it away now..." like the Red Hot Chili Peppers... although, what are they talking about giving away? Perhaps it's better i don't know.
What's up for grabs you say?
Since this is my 1st, I've decided to make it a GREAT one & raffle off a... are you ready?

This one is for sale in my etsy shop: chinamommy, but the one I'm giving away is going to be *just like it*!!

How do you get in on it?

1. leave a comment on THIS post & get one entry

2. become a new follower & let me KNOW, get another entry

3. IF you are a follower now, get a friend to follow & you get another entry!

4. Post a blurb about my give away on YOUR blog-WITH A LINK to this post & get another entry (make sure you send me a note & link to that post).

Ok, get commenting (THIS POST ONLY) and I'll run the contest until Sunday, August 9th (2009) and I'll post the winner on MONDAY AUGUST 10th!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bonkers for Banners!!

i swear i invented scrapbooking, no REALLY, i did! Ok, maybe it was more of a collaboration with my 1st college roomie: Math-girl. We'd cut out funny phrases & put them next to pictures... IF only we had realized we were onto a million $ industry i would have never had to work at HOP-IN ever heard of it? i worked at the one in Chelsea MI- our Mgr spelled HER name wrong on the schedule... It was down the road from a minimum security PRISON. One time i got left there for 15 hours straight (yeah, apparently the Mgr goofed on the schedule) and when i headed home at 3 or 4 in the morning i got a flat tire. i walked to the home of a customers home & called my parents- yeah, one of the safer jobs i had! Nor would i have been tricked into selling carpet by the "Designer Wanted" sign out front...
So what does this have to do with banners? well, i swear i thought of this too and when i typed in "fabric banner" on etsy... i got almost 400 matches, dang it! Another missed opportunity to make my mark in the art community... Check out these genius designs- some paper, some fabric, ALL cute & all from !! The sellers shop name is BELOW each banner and so is a link to their shop (man, that was a lot of work!!)- buy handmade!

Both of these banners are by: nestables








Well, i better get busy thinking up my next idea for everyone to steal... :)

Have a GREAT day!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pure Eye Candy

So what am i going to post about today? i'm TRYING to post more often because how am i ever going to be a famous blogger/artist like i told my cousins kid i was, if i don't post more often?! Could i type the word "POST" more often?
maybe i could do a series called "sexy pictures of me" or "pictures of me my only child will inherit of me looking genius"or pictures of me giving a doll a rectal exam:

or pictures of me in a gang:Or... strange things that happen in my home- stop it you 2, get a ROOM! or soon to be famous inventions by the Mister:

"Dog slower-downer"

and this is totally off the subject (aren't you GLAD?) but... i found this Love & Nature Bedding at Target & HAD to have it for darling daughter's room. I know, I know... i just re-did her room, but take a look & you'll see why!
Have a great day we're off to some fair thing. I'm going for the elephant ear & tomorrow i'll buy the book & start eating better!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I survived a Japanese Gameshow... i mean a child's birthday party!

Here i am- we survived! Darling daughter had a great birthday & we are FINALLY done celebrating. The mister did this thing when i turned 39 where he spread it out for 3 days of celebrating & once you set the bar that high, you kinda gotta keep it up! Saturday was the "official" party- the park with 6 girls, a pinata and a tub of sawdust makes for nothin' but pure fun!Who invited the weirdo's? a tub of sawdust full of change & goodies oh i love her hair like this! you would have thought I'd driven stakes into her eyes, like i tried to pour gasoline on her, like i am the WORST Mother on the face of the earth for making pigtails with tulle bows no less! But, she survived... barely!after the park we took the girls for ice-cream, i'm not sure if their mothers want their kids posted on the internet, so here is the "witness protection approved picture"For the final day of celebrating, Darling daughter picked "Logan's Roadhouse"... no idea why, she only ever orders those chicken strips! But here she is in FRONT of everyone they're all yelling "YEE-HAW" at her! Notice her excitement, notice how she's egging them on, notice how she's THRILLED! No, really she is, this is just how she shows it!Back at home with some cake...
should i open a bakery? Isn't it pretty? Yeah, the Yorkie was her birthday gift, but when you're the ONLY child... Besides, you have to have gifts to open on your birthday! Is that owl pillow the cutest darn thing ever? Even though we just did her bedroom i've got to go back (TARGET!!) & get the quilt... thankfully the pink & brown in this set match her paint exactly! I told the Mister "it was meant to be", to which i got the look "of course it was"...Ok, yesterday i got this burr up my butt, a wild hair, inspiration... whatever you want to call it, but the island looked like this until 1:14pmand then it looked like this. Now, let me say this picture is bad & i just noticed a spot on the lower rt side that needs touched up. Don't my plumb counter tops look horrid, more horrid? I'm wondering if i shouldn't sand the edges & distress it like the other furniture i've painted black? What do you think?
Please also note: i'm a choosy MOTHER!

Yes, we also had my Grandma's 100th birthday party on Saturday, did i take my camera? NO! Me, the one who takes it EVERYWHERE in my purse, the one who is NEVER without it... i was sick!! There were cameras snapping everywhere so it's not like i can't get copies, but... my OWN camera... boo! When the party started a friend of my grandma's was by her & my Grandma says "you know i never wanted all of this" & her friend says "yeah, they just don't get it do they". Yeah, right you glory hounds! If you didn't see the pictures of my Grandma in a previous post where she is holding up her trophy (or body wash... whatever), go look at it & tell me this lady didn't LOVE the attention! It was bitter sweet when it ended & we all walked her back to her "unit", she was crying, we were crying.... it was hard. Today is her actual 100th Birthday! She made it! Way to go Gram!!

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