Friday, October 28, 2011

A thankful heart...and a huge THANK YOU!!!

I can't begin to express how overwhelmed i am at the outpouring of love for little children you don't even know.  this is the 2nd year i've organized this hat drive and i have no words (which is RARE, so enjoy it!) for how fulfilling this is for me.  i can't believe the generous giving and the generous making of hats, upon hats upon hats (and even wash cloths this year!).  this is VERY picture heavy...VERY! there was no way i could leave anyone out, so enjoy!

 OH MY GOSH!!!!! Can you believe it?
and this doesn't include all the cash donations!  to each and every one of you that was kind enough to donate money, thank you!!!  i've still got to get that all added up too!
to all the gals at ravelry, my mom, and friends:  
"thank you!!"
photo of Darlings costume will have to wait... i don't even have time to type what all i MUST accomplish today, including a flight to Washington, DC!!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

We have a Weiner....winner!

1st of all, thank all of you SOOOO much for entering the Shabby Apple dress giveaway!!! i love all the new followers and hope you'll stick around and join in on the fun!
many of you will recognize our winner, the fabulous...

i'm so excited for LuLu, who came squealing in on 2 tires to enter!! check out the link above for her blog and find out why she NEEDS some new clothes (so proud of you lady!!). she is going to rock this dress like only a lady with blue hair can!!!
For the rest of you, here is a discount for 10% off at 
code: chinamommy10off (use it for the next 30 days only)
i am ear high in halloween costume making for my darling, disney pumpkin designing for her classroom and etsy stuff for my new shop
here's a peek at some of the costumes i've done in the past for darling
kindergarten lady-bug
 1st grade vampire
 2nd grade pirate
come back tomorrow and see what's up for 3rd grade....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shabby Apple Dress Give Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just a reminder that today is the LAST day to enter the give-away for a FREE woman's dress from shabby apple !!  just remember, you will need to go to last THURSDAYS post to enter!!!  Hurry!!! 
 just look what you get to choose from:


and.... guess what else is going on?
I've got a *NEW* vintage shop on etsy!
it's called: Give Grandma Sugar .
my grandma passed away a few years ago, and was the sweetest southern grandma you could ever hope for!  she would always say to us "come over and give grandma sugar" when she wanted a kiss from us.  she grew up in tennessee and had such a hard life as a little child.  she had moved so many times she told me once she didn't even know how many different schools she'd gone to.  regardless of her hard childhood...she grew up to be a fabulous grandma!
i decided to get rid of my paper cut shop and start my own vintage shop along with my handmade shop

So stop on by and let me know what you think, or better yet, stop by and buy everything!!
Ok, I will keep the give-away open until 8 tonight, then i'll pick a winner!!!
Good Luck and thank you for entering!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FREE Dress from Shabby Apple and naughty jenga....

you have until tomorrow to enter, it's easy, i promise! you can win a FABULOUS dress from the amazing company shabby apple just go to Thursday's post.
1. make sure you follow this blog (join this site, see it to your left? the beautiful people!!)
2. like shabby apple on facebook right HERE!
see thursday's post for more details about how to get extra entries and see what dresses are up for grabs....

ok,  darling has been asking me to buy her the game "Jenga" so i was thrilled the other day when i found one at a 2nd hand shop.  
the box was full and.... it was only $2.99!
 she has it in the back seat of the car as we're on our way to meet my parents for lunch Sunday.  she suddenly says "ummm, mom....i think this is a grown up game".  the mister and i look at each other and i ask her to hand it up to me...
 yep...someone made it into a "grown up game".  guess who's got every single game piece to paint over...
geesh, does crap like this only happen to me??...

i can't WAIT to show you ALL THE HATS that have come in for the hat drive!!!  if you'd still like to help, hit that donate button at the top left of the blog- you have until 10/31.  every cent is used for the hat drive!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

FREE Shabby Apple dress

so, i was talking to one of my pals today and asking her why she thought i didn't have more comments on thursday's post. you know, the one where you have a chance to win a FREE dress from Shabby Apple... She told me there was too much to read and it was too confusing.  So, tonight i am trying to make the directions simple.

1. "Like" Shabby Apple on facebook
go here to do that
then comment on Thursday's post that you did that.

2. you must  "join this site", if you haven't already. (aka: be a follower of my blog, this option is to your left... see the beautiful people?)

now, there are ways to get extra entries, go read it on Thursday's post.

does that make more sense? just go to thursdays site and tell me you like shabby apple and you follow this blog.  i'd love everyone to have a chance to win one of these dresses, they are upwards of $90... and you can win one FREE!  So, if you are still confused as to how to enter, email me at: and i will come to your home, hold your hand and walk you through it while you sip the hot chocolate i've just made!  See, i AM nice!!!!

seriously people, enter, tell everyone you know and email me if you're confused!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

10 Random Things Friday...

1. go ENTER yesterday's give-away!!
a FREE dress from shabby apple!!!
(one of the CHOICES you can pick above!)
sizes run XXS-XL!!
make sure you are a FOLLOWER of this blog ("join this site" button) and then go LIKE shabby apple on facebook!
you can also get 10% off anything you buy for the next 30 days with the coupon code:

2. yesterday the dog was FREAKING out because the (cute) UPS man was here.... here with a package for ME!!!  the boots i ordered while i was in chicago last weekend!! oh, do you LOVE getting stuff in the mail like i do??  here's what he brought me (actually he brought me 2):

3. i took this with me on my trip to chicago
yes, it works!!!!

4. i'm busy crocheting coffee cozy's in school colors!
i know, school colors aren't usually gray and pink, but this is just an example of a finished one.
corset cozy's for you sports fan moms!!
custom orders available!!

5.  this is a picture of Darling when she was 4 at the american girl store in chicago
i know, i know...a doll among dolls!

6. hats continue to roll in for the donation to the kids in CHINA.
 aren't they gorgeous?!?!?!!

it's NOT too late for you to donate either! hats will be taken until 10/31 and cash donations can be given instantly by hitting the donate button on the top left of the blog.  even $1 will help, seriously!
with the cash, i will buy hats to ship over.  the generosity of all of you does my heart good!
thank you!!!

7. cool industrial mid-century lighting from my girl....actually

8. do you have a magazine addiction like i do?
oh, i LOVE magazines!!
some of my faves:

9. these i LOVE, but at $15 a pop, i try to treat myself...occassionally!  not that i wouldn't love $90 worth of these magazines quarterly...

10. what TIME do you read blogs??  
are you an early bird? a night owl? 
(or are you not a bird at all?)

Have a fabulous weekend my friends!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shabby Apple Dress Give Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i kid you not, a FREE dress from this amazing site:
do you know of shabby apple?  
They have amazing women's clothing, children's clothing, and accessories!  
I am so thrilled that they asked me to be a part of this amazing opportunity for YOU.
Not only can you win a fabulous dress, they are giving you the option of 
THREE to choose from!
So without further ado...

2. this beautiful gray jersey knit dress
or 3. this Black Boogie Woogie dress with shirred and applique flowers and sash
Am i right?,  is this an amazing give away or what?!?
Ok, now for the details on how to enter (enter until Oct 26th, next Wednesday).
ONLY enter on this post!
1."LIKE" Shabby Apple on Facebook here and make sure you are a FOLLOWER  ("join this site" button to your left) of my chinamommy blog then let me know with a comment!
to get **additional** entries
2. Blog about this give-away and then leave me the link in comments
3. find a friend, lead them to my blog and IF they become a NEW follower, you get 2 entries!! (i've been at 212 way toooooooooo long!)
**You must have a USA shipping address and be willing to give your name, address, phone number, email, 1st born and dress size to shabby apple. oh wait, they do NOT want your 1st born!**
Please note there is NO exchange on the dress you win.

IF you do not win, or you just want more, more, more here is a 10% discount that is good for the next 30 days!!!
code: chinamommy10off
Ok, go tell every one you know!!
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