Thursday, January 28, 2010

Are you hot? or are you not...

I don't know about you but sometimes I feel like i'm SOOOOO out of the loop on home interior design and fashion!  I use to consider myself somewhat of a stylish gal... but when you have to txt (I guess I'm not TOO out of it if I txt, right?) your 26 year old step-daughter and ask her -if you can wear leggings under a denim jumper because you're just not sure- you start to feel a bit old and out of it...
I'm totally UNinspired about our house lately... Reason #1- I don't really LOVE the style of our home.  It's about 9 or 10 years old, has a wide open floor plan, and zero character.  I am in love with either Frank Lloyd Wright styles

 or OLD Victorian homes.

I did a search this morning on what's "HOT" in interior colors and as I told you before, Pantone says TURQUOISE is the 2010-Color-of-the-Year

and why shouldn't it be...

does it get any better than that?  Not in my world!!

According to the experts the hot colors (in addition to turquoise) are:
muted yellowy greens

now THAT'S pink... not sure I could talk the Mister into that :)  Hmmm, a light pink might look pretty off my butter-yellow entry... :) I do love me some PINK!

I would love that couch to come home with me!!


I love the above room!  I've always been a huge fan of purple and all the shades inbetween.  The 1st house I bought I did a LOT of purple... Purple dining room, dark Plum velvet curtains, Lavender counter tops in my kitchen... Hey, I was a single gal and it was a total girly cottage!  but... I kinda purpled myself out.  When I see Lavender used the way it is in that photo, I kinda fall in love with it all over again though...
Ok, so I like the interiors, but gals, let me tell you the Fashion trends for 2010 (found on  Well, see for yourself:

HOT pants, or big-momma underpants as I like to call them!  I'm quite sure this is the style my Grandma (who is 100) sports UNDER her light blue polyester pants!

Warrior Style... I'll be right back, I'm going to pick up a loaf of bread and a box of tampons in town, while I'm there I'm also going to fight off that Amish gang that's trying to steal my straight pins for their man-folks pants.

Jodhpurs... Is is just me or should she crawl back into her coffin & shine her fangs?  and Yes, I am jealous of her LONG skinny legs (FYI- i am still 4', 11- 3/4" tall)

SHEER... always nice for your daughter's school functions!

Prints- No, I'm not crazy, why do you ask?

Cut-out Bikini's... Ummmm, I don't even know what to say about these.

Bunny-Ear head bands.  How do you wear these in the car when you're picking your kid up from school?  Do your ears rub the top of your car ceiling?  and where is the wad of cotton that should be pinned to your seat?

Bleached eyebrows...ummmm, again.... I have no words.

Now this, THIS I can get into!
I personally would love to wear rhinestones on my lips, turquoise eye shadow and a goldfish necklace- maybe I'm not as out of it as I thought!!!
Well girls, we are outta here for our annual ski weekend... IF i get really crazy, I'll try to do 1 more blog to post before I leave in the morning :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh my cuteness...

Wasn't real sure what I was going to post about so I started browsing the web & holy cuteness, it was EVERYWHERE!!  Must be a sign...
Do you want this calendar... FREE?!

You print it right from home, just download it & print!
Just go to the link below, sign up your email & it's YOURS!
Mine is all printed out, now I've just got to find a clipboard to hang it on...

Then I saw this by one of my FAVES...

 you can get it here:
along with a TON of other CUTE stuff
(hey momof5 & Amber Z... i'm pretty sure you girls will go nuts over their stuff!!)
here's more:

how do they get this candy to not "bleed" in the resin??
anyone know?? please tell me!!!

trust me, that is only the beginning!!!
Oh yeah, olliegraphic has a store (by that name) on etsy, go there for ALL kinds of downloadable personalized cards & stationary items!  She's so nice to work with & has the cutest stuff!  I had her do our Christmas card this year & was in LOVE!
these are 2 of her etsy items:

then... this is what I've been working on:

**little fawn pendants**
what do you think?

I've had this idea for a long time- to make pendants out of fimo clay, that's what I came up with!
Ok, I've got a sick girl home and am going to bleach her and everything else down!
Happy Tuesday friends!!  

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Do you collect anything?  I told the Mister this past weekend that I think I need a "collection", he looked at me like I had 3 heads!  My studio & storage room do NOT count, ok, maybe my glitter collection, but I mean a REAL collection... Check out some of these I found on flickr:

Enamel Pins

(the one below is from Jennifer- the Naughty Secretaries Club)

Silver Vintage Purses


books by color... if you've seen my closet pics, you know I love this idea!!



Blythe!  I have one, but never got bit by the bug...

Pose dolls

Little Twin Star and Hello Kitty by Sanrio

Vintage Salt and Pepper and egg cups


owls... big again?! 
 I remember all those macrame plants holders with owl beads in them... anyone else?

Vintage dish sets


Oh, I LOVE how she's displayed these!!!!!!!!!

When I was a kid I had a ton of collections: Hello Kitty, miniatures, stickers, rainbow stuff...SO many tiny little things!  I still have my sticker collection and a lot of my now VINTAGE Hello Kitty collection.
Tell me about your collections: what you have & what you want to have...
I'm thinking vintage telephones in pastel colors to do a wall display...
Happy Tuesday, I must go tend to my sick girl :(
Tomorrow I'll have a peek at the fawn pendants I've been working on the past 2 days :)!!
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