Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tasty Tomato Tuesday and the WINNER

i LOVE grilled/cooked tomatoes but i HATE fresh uncooked tomatoes, weird, hun?!  the mister likes tomatoes any way you fix them, but seriously, how many can 1 man eat?
some may say (me) that the mister tends to go overboard with his garden.  you decide:
tomato area #1
tomato area #2 (cause 1 wasn't enough?)
so what's a girl to do with tomato overload?
make these!!!:
grilled tomatoes with mozzarella and fresh basil
1. slice fresh tomatoes (pretty thick- how's that for a unit of measurement?)
2. lay on non-stick foil (love this stuff)
3. drizzle with white balsamic vinegar 
4. grill till they are nice and cooked and the vinegar has cooked down a bit
5. lay a slice of fresh mozzarella on each slice, let melt a tiny bit and remove from the grill
6. top with a fresh basil leaf
 7. go crazy! or at least we will because we have 4,982 more tomatos to eat up!!  Yummmm!!
hope you enjoy this.
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Friday, August 26, 2011

DIY Cupcake Stands from old dishes.

this Sunday,  the mister, darling and I are throwing a 50th wedding anniversary party for my parents!
50 years, no lie!!  they are among the few.
 i ordered "professional" cakes (due to the fact that my mother dropped some pretty obvious hints like "if you order cake, i like clara ____'s cakes".  my mother and her discriminating taste is fodder for another post). i also made SEVERAL mini cupcakes since I really am not sure how many people will show up-YIKES!
I knew i wanted some cute displays for the mini cupcakes but since i didn't have the carpenters from "Cupcake Wars" at my disposal, i went to goodwill.
If you wanna make your own, you're going to need:
1. saucers
2. plates
3. glass candle holders
4. E-600 glue

 these plates happened to have that little lip for the cups, but since they were iridescent, i knew they must be mine!

i found these glass candle holders for .99 each

Step 1: put the glue on the edge of the candle holder and press down onto the plate, let this set up for several hours.  after the plate is set, put glue on the other end of the candle holder and press the saucer into place.  that's it! 

because mine had that "lip", i had to off set my saucers, but i didn't think it made a big difference.

at the party we'll be serving mini cupcakes so i didn't need huge plates, but you could do any size you need.

i think they turned out pretty cute!
If you make some, let me know!!
Get yourself over to my pal Angela's blog for another cool DIY!!  She'll tell you how to do antique a mirror!!
pickles on pizza
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's SNOT allergy season is it?

i feel like crap, i'm so sure you wanna hear ALL about it!!
 a lovely little vignette i've made in our home

 don't judge me, they're everywhere

 sick day must haves: paul frank pj pants (target), socks (i can't sleep without socks, sexy, i know!), tissues (which are NOT puffs and will never enter my home again!), remote (HGTV marathon day).

 ~hello! cute interruption to break up the snot report~

 mother-of-the-year award: cookie dough flurry for breakfast

seriously, could my daughter be the BEST ever? she tapes an allergy pill to my toothbrush every night!
all together now: "awwwwwwwwwwwwwchooooo"

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Memories Suite 3 GIVE-AWAY contest!!!!

(Soooooo excited about this!!)
Like I told you before, I was given (yes, GIVEN for free) a copy of My Memories Suite 2 to try and then the option to do a give-away.  Trust me friends, if I didn't like it, I would tell you.  Thankfully, I have GOOD NEWS about My Memories Suite 2- ❤I LOVE IT!!❤  I feel like I've only begun to scratch the surface with this software.
I jumped in right away with the albums that are right in the software, all you do is drop and drag your photos!  There are all kinds of cute embellishments, tons of fonts, background papers, and options, options, options!  This software is SO easy to figure out- Yes, even for ME!!  For you regular readers, you know I've had a certain piece of scrapbooking equipment since Nov that I have yet to even turn on due to being overwhelmed by all the learning I have to do.  My Memories Suite 2 had me making an album in minutes, minutes people, not months!!!!! Once you're ready to move on, their website is FULL of amazing digital scrapbookings kits full of embellishments and papers.
Ok, enough of my blubbering-let's get to the GIVE AWAY...
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Digital Scrapbooking and hats for kids.

It's Sunday and I have the whole house to myself until late this evening.  So far I have:

  • torn out what was left of the landscaping on 1 side of the house and by "landscaping" I mean the 2 huge chunks of hostas that were left after we tore the rest of the crap out 2 summers ago.
  • drug 1 huge hunk of hosta to the front of our drive-way and planted them along the edge of the tree line, left the other off to the side for the Mister to deal with tomorrow.
  • replanted the side yard with a butterfly bush, black eyes Susans and this other pretty pinkish thing.
  • showered
  • put on a ridiculous outfit
  • ribbon danced around my yard until the neighbors complained

Ok, enough of that craziness... What I really wanted to tell you about was:
1. The hat drive
2. The Memories Suite 2 Giveaway that will be posted on Tuesday.

All information about the hat drive is located under the hat drive tab above.  There is also a donate button if you'd rather help that way.  Every single penny goes to the drive, whether to buy yarn or to ship.  This is the 2nd year I've done this and I'm really hoping this will be another great year for the kids!  Please let me know if you have ANY questions at all!!

The 2nd thing is something I am also REALLY EXCITED about and I'm going to give you a little teaser.  On Tuesday I'll be posting a give-away for someone to WIN: My Memories Suite 2 for FREE! (For everyone else I'll have a code that will allow you to try My Memories Suite 2 and additional embellishments for a special savings!!!!!!) I was given this software to try out and let me just tell you... I LOVE IT!  It's easy, it's quick, it's adorable AND (most importantly) even I can do it!!  This is perfect for someone that's REALLY into scrapbooking OR.... someone that wishes they had their pictures in a CUTE  album but find that scrapbooking really isn't their "thing".  If you've ever wanted to try digital scrapbooking but just didn't know where to start, this is really going to help you out!  I've already done several things and can't wait to show you!!!!!!!!!!!

So, come on back Tuesday and see what this is all about!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

10 Random Summer Things Friday

1. I was contacted by a company about digital scrapbooking... I was given the opportunity to try their software then do a "GIVE AWAY".   I tried it, I LOVED it and I'm gonna give it away... SO please come back next Tuesday for a GREAT give away!  Could I please use the words "Give Away" just 1 more time or 3??
"Give it away, give it away, give it away NOW" ~Red Hot Chili Peppers
Anyway...come back EVEN if you think you're not into scrapbooking, let alone DIGITAL scrapbooking!!!!!!!!

2.  This is my master bedroom now... it's kinda boring.   I haven't known what to do to make it look more "designer like" until...
I found this (the hand painted wallpaper):
 the "how-to" and the template are found here:
I'm pretty sure 1/2 way through I'm going to wonder what the *$&% I was thinking, but I also know it's going to be AWESOME!!!... I'll have the "after" pictures to show you in about 10 years...

3. Did I mention I saw the #1 and #2 biggest boars at the Indiana State Fair?
This is #1 (over 1,300 lbs!!!!)
This is #2... and his... let's just say "family Jewels"

4. We have TWINS at our house!!
(and monster mosquitos....hence Darling's face)

5. Super Colon....
the joys of living in a small town... I blurred out this poor girls face and name.  I don't think she wants her 15 minutes of fame feeling a giant polyp in a fake colon.  Don't get me wrong, I get the seriousness of colorectal cancer, but a 20 ft long, 8 ft tall inflatable colon?  You know I couldn't quit laughing!!

6. Darling and I went to the zoo yesterday, we ate these and they were pretty darn tasty!!

7. Anyone else willing to admit they're watching the downfall of our society?

8.  Genius!!
If you're on pinterest, you can find a lot more photo cheat sheets!  If you're not on pinterest and WANT to be, let me know at chinamommy_04@yahoo.com and I'll send you an invite!

9. It's FRIDAY and I know you do NOT want to miss this!
on IFC

10. Please don't forget the hat drive for the kids of China!! I'm collecting new hats for babies thru teens until Oct 31st.  ALL details are in the tab at the top of the blog and you can ALWAYS email me at: chinamommy_04@yahoo.com with any questions!!

Have a GREAT weekend and be sure to check in Tuesday for the Digital Scrapbooking Give-Away!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

10 Random Things Friday...

Whewww, it's still Friday, right?  Let me get started before it's Monday because "10 Random Things Friday" just won't make sense by then!!

1. The Mister ran his 1st (but not last) 5k this past Saturday!!  That's him crossing the finish line all in black.  
His time: 31:15!!

2. These were the potties at the Indiana State Fair, it ALMOST made me want to use them...almost!

3. We were at the Indiana State Fair on Wednesday.  The farm my Dad grew up on got their Centennial Farm Certificate thanks to the tenacious work of one of my cousins 
(Thanks Kate!! the cutie in the black and white checked dress)   
My cousins and I      

4. I was revolted to learn you can buy deep fried butter at the fair... you can buy just about anything deep fried at a fair!  We wonder why our country has a weight problem!
Seriously?  Deep fried BUTTER?

5. Darling and I channeled our inner hippie and did a little tie-dye this last week
 jelly roll a shirt then rubber band it and squeeze between the lines!

(note to self: the gloves are included for a reason!!)

6. DIY for Solid Perfume!

7.  An(other) Awesome blog I just found!!

8.  A man at our local bank last week
Live and Let Live, but seriously,  isn't he just a touch too old for this look?

9. My Darling always wants to dress alike
 but this might be a bit much...

10.  My 8 year old and our new (9 months) baby cousin
I think my cousin was afraid i was going to either eat her baby or just run off with her! She is like a little bag of marshmallow fluff (look at the little rolls on her arms!)!!! I am in love with both these girls!!

Ok, now that you're read 10 random things you can go enjoy your weekend!!
The summer is winding down here and soon I'll be back with a MUCH more active posting schedule!
**Don't forget about the hat drive for the kiddo's in China**
see all the details under the tab above or email me at:


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life Changing Veggie Cilantro Dip

Taste it Tuesday!
This dip is just so GOOD I couldn't help but share
Oh wait, wrong dip....

Here it is!  Now remember, I am no food blogger and we all know my photography leaves a bit to be desired... but this stuff is SO good, bear with me!

Here's what you're going to need:
*scoop corn chips or other "scoop" chip
*2 cans of black eyed peas (drain and rinse)
*4 stalks of celery (is that right? I think I mean: 4 stems off of 1 stalk! I do NOT mean 4 bags of celery, unless you are celery crazy, then do what you want!)
*1 red onion
*1 cucumber
*1 bunch of cilantro
*1 red, 1 green, 1 yellow pepper
*1/2 bottle of "viva italian dressing" although I made it this time with Italian vinaigrette with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).

and you CAN add: a splash of olive oil (i don't, I figure the dressing has enough oil), salt, pepper, lime juice or red pepper flakes.  I say make it without this stuff 1st and then see if YOU think it needs something else!
Chop all the veggies into tiny bite size pieces,  put 1/2 a bottle of the dressing in and MIX.  I like to let it sit in the fridge overnight.  
I'll tell you, I've taken this to a LOT of family picnic type things and it's often gotta the look of "ewww, I don't like veggies" BUT... if you can get someone to give it a try you won't be taking much home!  
My daughter loves it too!!
Let me know if you give it a try and what you think! ENJOY!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

10 Random Summer Things Friday

1.  Roses from my garden in vintage lavender glass bottles.

2. An arrangement picked entirely from my yard this morning- love that!

3. The reason this post should have been titled "Projects I have yet to finish..."

4. Always looking to add more PINK to my interior :)  The seat and wheels were a rosy red and I'd show you if I could find my "before" picture but we all know I am NOT that organized...

5. Ugly chandelier bought for $15 at the Habitat for Humanity store... Just wait to see what's gonna happen! (don't worry, that's my garage, NOT my kitchen in the picture!)

 6. Our kinda tame (OUTside) cat, Sparkles, she forgot to wash her face.  Her Dad is Blond and her mama is a tortoise shell cat, so she's black with a black and yellow tail... We don't have cats that are going to win beauty contests roaming our property!

7. Another Habitat find... I have 2 set of these.  My friend bought 2 sets also, we got the last 4 out of over 750 sets that they had!  We thought they were dressing rooms at 1st but I'm thinking they were lockers from a nursing home?!  If anyone has any GREAT idea to make these baby's over, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear it!!

8. The grumpy bunny that lives in The Mister's workshop, maybe she would be happier if she were fuchsia?  NOPE!

9. a barrel full of spindles that the Mister TRIED to put in a dumpster... for SHAME!!

10. A cool bulb I planted this year, it's called a Pineapple Lily or a Eucomis Bicolor for you brainiac's out there!
Have a GREAT weekend!  The Mister and I are running a 5k in the morning.  I am SO proud of him, at 52 this is his 1st ever 5k race!!  Since I plan to leave him in my dust, I'll be sure to get pictures of him crossing the finish line!
~Don't forget to check out the Hat Drive tab at the top!!~
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