Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DIY Christmas mirror ornaments

darling and i made these the other night...AT night.... hence, the really icky pictures!  but, disregard the pics and make the easy-peasy ornaments!
Here's what you need:
✪ package of mirrors (easy to find at places like hobby lobby!). for every 2 mirrors, you'll get 1 ornament. the bigger mirrors can be heavy, so if you have a REAL tree (like we do this year) make sure they're not so heavy they pull down your branches.  though hard to believe, i had a whole lunch meat container FULL of different sized mirrors (don't worry, the turkey was gone).
✪ E-6000 glue (hot glue is not good for this craft!)
✪ silver string or fishline or whatever you want to use (we used some silver elastic string)
1.  put some E-6000 on the back of 1 mirror (this stuff smells NASTY)
 2. put a loop down into the glue, smear it around a little to make sure the string gets nice and gluey.
 3. stick the other mirror on and press GENTLY! be a little careful, these ARE glass!  gosh, do i even have to say that? you're smart!! just like those tubes of cream for vaginal yeast infections that warn you not to eat the stuff!  thankfully, they say that as i've often contemplated using it as toothpaste! geesh....
 4. hang on tree!  i find that more is more and more is better in the case of mirror ornaments! i say add so many that people feel like they need a polyester jumpsuit and ABBA playing!
~Merry Christmas~


Angela said...


BundlesofBlossoms said...

Great idea and so easy!

ABBA was grooooovey-are they even together still???

Yeast cream and glass ornaments in the same sentence-I have heard it all:)

Melanie said...

Fun! Oh, and the yeast cream? It just occurred to me that they put that on there because sometimes people get yeast (thrush) in their mouths. I know this because we thought Nyal had it as a baby and after using Gentian Violet to cure it for 2 weeks, discovered that was not the issue. Regardless, I bet that's the reason for the warning. Of course, I like to think it only applies to babies getting thrush, but I guess other people might have the problem, but I have to stop there or I'm going to throw up my coffee.

Unusual Girl Studios said...

What? Yeast and Christmas ornaments? Girl, you sure know how to mix your prose!

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