Friday, May 4, 2012

i'm tired of wearing this training bra...

you know..., because i've been training for this crazy 25k race (yeah, that's 15.5 miles)... i'm tired of training, i'm tired of running because i have to and i'm tired of waiting for this to start.  i'm ready to get this show on the ROAD!! i'm already dreading those pre-race nerves, the multiple bathroom breaks and the queasy tummy!  whenever i see that commercial for those new slimmer adult diapers, i wonder if i should grab one, i mean 15.5 miles of running and drinking water... can i really sweat it all out?  Lisa Rinna wears one on the red carpet (you've seen the commercial, right?), why shouldn't i wear one on the road?  I'm feeling a kindred spirit with the crazy astronaut woman, the one that put on a "depends" to drive cross country to put someone in a trunk without the hassle of screwing up her travel time with a potty break!  i won't be putting anyone in a trunk, but the hassle of screwing up MY time with a potty break, that i can relate to!
tomorrow morning is my last long run before the race; an easy 9.... i can't wait!
it doesn't look so bad on paper does it?
let's take a peek of last years race....
after the race...AND the beer tent! 

 my foot after the wet, rainy 10k...lovely, i know! 6.1 miles in a nice drizzle plus going ankle deep in more than one puddle.  where's my toe tag?
for the record, it NO LONGER looks this way!!
have a great weekend, i'll be icing my knee and doing some pre-race freaking out!


Sherry @ Life from my persective said...

You know I am beyond crazy proud of you!!! Last long run... wahoo - that means it is almost race day!!!! You can do it... and you most definitely will not need the depends. I only stopped once in the marathon and I think it was more mental than anything else!!! You are going to rock the 25k!!!

Wheelchair said...

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Keep Posting:)

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