Wednesday, July 16, 2008

1 more time...

well, i just wrote my first blog post & now... it's gone! dang, it's hard to get older :)
Ok, here it is again:

I'm 39 & a mother to 1 little girl adopted from China (adoption by choice & "no" there is nothing "wrong with me" & "yes" people really do ask!). I have a BA in Fine Art & LOVE whimsical art. I'm still on the journey to finding my inner artist & style.... I love to scrapbook, garden (flowers, not so much veggie's), read, daydream, shop etsy, & hang out with my friends & family. I've loved Tom Selleck since I was a 4th grader & think Natalie Merchant has the best voice ever. I love veggies, turkey burgers with olives & swiss and could eat tootsie rolls till i got sick. I have a very quirky sense of humor & was lucky enough to find a best friend who can finish my sentences!! We always say we're siamese twins joined at the brain, seperated at birth & re-united at ______ (a prior place of employment that i refuse to give a plug to!). So that is me in a nutshell... a very tiny nutshell.

I just opened a store on etsy & am so excited about it!! It took me so long just to figure out why I couldn't get my pictures to load, then once I figured that out it took forever for me to figure out how to re-size them... the pictures are NOT the best, but they're on! 3 pendants & more to come. i have a 1,000 ideas & you'd think now that I stay home I'd have all the time in the world to just daydream & create.... Soooo, when you go to etsy (you know you want to...) make sure you search for me by my seller name: chinamommy.

Off to finish planning my daughter's 5th birthday which is THIS weekend. I make myself crazy trying to be all "Martha Stewart"-like...

lator tators

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