Friday, July 18, 2008

the birthday party... it's-a-comin'

Tomorrow is my daughter's 5th birthday, always makes me think of her birth mother in China & wonder about her & what she's thinking on the 19th.... We're having a party at Chuck E Cheese with 6 little kids on Saturday... oh boy! Sunday is the big family party & I just counted & it will be a minimum of 25 people... & 60% chance of rain, sounds great! ha! I made these giant Martha Steward paper flower thingy's that took me over 3 hrs & am not real sure I'll get to hang them outside like planned...

Yesterday was a trip to the Ann Arbor art fair where is was a comfy 90 degrees! Whewwwww! TONS of great art, but next year, the child stays with my parents! It was just too much for a 5 yr. old. There were so many mixed media pieces that were great but, of course, i wasn't able to take pictures... I picked up several of their cards with websites so after i get thru this birthday weekend i'll post some.

ok, off to see how the pinata is coming....


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

pendants on etsy... chinamommy

here are some pictures of my pendants:

1 more time...

well, i just wrote my first blog post & now... it's gone! dang, it's hard to get older :)
Ok, here it is again:

I'm 39 & a mother to 1 little girl adopted from China (adoption by choice & "no" there is nothing "wrong with me" & "yes" people really do ask!). I have a BA in Fine Art & LOVE whimsical art. I'm still on the journey to finding my inner artist & style.... I love to scrapbook, garden (flowers, not so much veggie's), read, daydream, shop etsy, & hang out with my friends & family. I've loved Tom Selleck since I was a 4th grader & think Natalie Merchant has the best voice ever. I love veggies, turkey burgers with olives & swiss and could eat tootsie rolls till i got sick. I have a very quirky sense of humor & was lucky enough to find a best friend who can finish my sentences!! We always say we're siamese twins joined at the brain, seperated at birth & re-united at ______ (a prior place of employment that i refuse to give a plug to!). So that is me in a nutshell... a very tiny nutshell.

I just opened a store on etsy & am so excited about it!! It took me so long just to figure out why I couldn't get my pictures to load, then once I figured that out it took forever for me to figure out how to re-size them... the pictures are NOT the best, but they're on! 3 pendants & more to come. i have a 1,000 ideas & you'd think now that I stay home I'd have all the time in the world to just daydream & create.... Soooo, when you go to etsy (you know you want to...) make sure you search for me by my seller name: chinamommy.

Off to finish planning my daughter's 5th birthday which is THIS weekend. I make myself crazy trying to be all "Martha Stewart"-like...

lator tators

I'm on etsy!!

After much confusion, I've finally added 3 pendants to my etsy store. If you go to & search by sellers, my seller name is: chinamommy. I don't really get the whole "resizing" photo thing, so
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