Friday, April 3, 2009

Is it Friday yet?...

This was a GREAT week, it really was, but did it seem to go on forever to anyone else? i guess that was good since i've been in such a creative mood, i was able to get quite a bit done, even sent out my "Christmas" exchange to my pal in London! I know, i know, i've been black-listed from any "art exchange" ever again, as i should be.

Darling daughter was home yesterday from school with a horrid cough & general crud. i kept her sedated with cold medicine & was able to get quite a bit done. She really is such a good girl though, she knows when Mom is in the "art room", she needs to get her art supplies out & quietly make something too. Poor little thing, i don't think art really interests her in the least, she'd rather be doing online surgery..Yes, this is her on some site doing a knee replacement, it could come in handy & fulfill MY dream of her becoming a Dr., i mean, it is all about pleasing ME isn't it??
Ok, the mister just called & there is a "passport emergency" (long story, i'll fill you in later) and i've got to run to Walgreens and get another passport picture, thank God! I wanted a new picture anyway because the last one i looked REALLY old in, unless of course.... that's my NEW look?! i looked like i hadn't slept in weeks & was beat down by life... never a good look! I'll leave you with the following:
Many people ask me "what does a creative soul like yourself eat to keep creative and small?" Ok, no one has ever asked me that, but i like to pretend people want to know every aspect of my life... so here is one of my lunches this week:
i highly recommend the PEAR applesauce... or is it just pearsauce? anyway it's good, you'll notice it didn't even last long enough to be photographed! and those rice noodles... i just like to grab a handful & much on them- i'm weird like that! Oh that healthy crap soup with LOW sodium, i just can't add enough salt to it to ever make it taste normal, i wish i'd quit grabbing those cans!!
and my hair... oh brother my HAIR, it was totally channeling this chick:
i was kind enough to chop out my pre-shower look!
and just ONE more bit of news... i did it, yep, i got one! A Blythe! I don't know why, but apparently a lot of people own/want her, so of course, i HAD to have one!!!! Here she is Friendly Freckles or something like that... She's coming all the way from Hong Kong (like everything else!!). Now, if i start taking her on vacations, making you say hello to her on the phone, dressing darling daughter, her & i alike, or throwing her elaborate birthday parties, i give you full permission to put me in a straight jacket! i hope she doesn't have a magical power that will make me do any of those things...

Ok, off to cover those dark circles under my eyes & get a photo taken!

Have a wonderful weekend & i'll be sure to post what i was working on all week!!

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