Thursday, April 16, 2009

My art collection

i thought i'd share with you my personal art collection today. these are pieces i've collected over the years - not worth millions, but just things i ♥!
this 1st piece is a LARGE metal hanging sculpture. i bought this at the Ann Arbor, MI Art Festival years ago. it's by a local Michigan artist (Cherie) & is 1 of 4 pieces i own of hers.i love this piece, all the metal "stuff" that hangs off of it & pieces of glass wrapped in wire. Don't mind the UGLY fan i'm trying to cover...
This next piece came from Hawaii when i was there years ago. I had it flown home because there was no way i was carrying it on my lap for 10+ hours, it is HEAVY!! It's a hand blown glass sculpture. i can't capture the colors and iridescence of this piece, not with my poor photography skills that is...

here's the back of it, you can see the hole where it was blown.

funny story: i had it flown home ALL the way from Hawaii & the next summer i was at the art fair in Ann Arbor and this artist was THERE! i could have bought it just hours from my home :)

These are my most special pieces because i got them in China when i was adopting my daughter! They are hand painted from the INSIDE! the one is a portrait they painted from a photograph I took of Kennedy the day before- i don't remember her having those giant Tom Selleck eyebrows, but hey... it was painted from the INSIDE!! they paint with these tiny hooked brushes that look like an "L"- amazing!

These glass balls are painted the same way! If you look closely you'll see a white area under the picture- that's the hole that goes up inside of these hollow glass spheres (doesn't sphere sound much better than balls?)

Some more artwork from China. The artwork was so inexpensive, i wish i'd have bought more than i did! This is a sweet baby in a traditional Chinese tiger hat.

Another by a local artist Carol Roeda. We have 5 of her pieces. She has stores in Ann Arbor, Holland, and Grand Rapids, MI- pure eye candy!

This is another piece by the artist Cherie that made the hanging sculpture. It's a piece of Raku pottery, which is my favorite type of pottery!
Another Carol Roeda, a gift from the mister for our 1st Valentines
day together.

If you're an etsy fan, you're probably familiar with this piece! It's by Emily- of: the black apple
i'm not even sure what this next piece is... a funny, funky little girl? on a stick. Right now she's on my bulletin board in the art room because i'm just not sure what to do with her. Darling daughter is NOT a fan of hers & was quite afraid of her when she was younger, but i think she's FUN!

and another Carol Roeda which hangs in my art room... her pieces are mental so you can add other little doo-dads to her pices. She sells all kinds of cute "add-ons"- hearts, starts, ice cream cones...

i hope you enjoyed my art tour... i really do because just as i was getting ready to post these the 1st time i realized i had erased them ALL off my computer AND off my camera... so everything was photographed and cleaned up twice- LOL!
Have a great day! The sun is shining in MI, so as Martha says "that is a good thing!"


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Howdy Hi~ I found you thru Bye Bye, Pie. I had to become a follower because you have cupcake wallpaper and said your daughter was artsy fartsy...Heehe! Your art collection is fab! Pop over for a visit!!

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