Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is it Christmas yet??

Wheww, I hope NOT! Guess who doesn't work outside the home and guess who still isn't done Christmas shopping?! Yep, yours truly!  What is it about not "having" to do something or not "having" to be a certain place at a certain time that makes you into a giant SLUG... 
and by "makes YOU into a giant slug", I mean "makes ME into a giant slug!".
BUt, we have been BUSY doing other stuff:
We saw SANTA!!
See how VERY excited she is?!  Trust me, she is on the INSIDE!
We saw Tigers, cause what says CHRISTMAS like Tigers?
Don't ask, I have no idea.  
We walk into the junky mall (the OLD mall in our city full of discount stores and weird stores that sell pictures of Jesus that light up with neon lights)... so anyway, we walk into the junky mall (which I happen to love) and there are cages and cages full of TIGERS!  For $25 I could have had my picture taken with one.  Wouldn't that have been cute?  Me with my face torn off just in time for Christmas? Awww!!
and I worked on a custom order!!
and got a new HAIRDO! (pics tomorrow)
Yesterday we spent the day at the Dr. and later I spent the evening washing puke out of Darlings hair...TWICE!!
So I have to:
finish shopping
start wrapping
finish the gingerbread village
pack for our trip to FL (don't bother breaking in, we have a house sitter and a safe full of guns)
get our Disney tickets
meet my pal for our Christmas exchange (yes, I have her gift!)
(go check out her blog views by Chris and PLEASE, please, PLEASE get her over the 49 followers hump... I beg of you!)
and 937 other things that I've forgotten about.
Hope you're ALL ready!!
Merry CHRISTmas!!


The Rusty Teapot said...

There you go Chris is over 49 now!
Love this post specially about the slug part,I can so relate!
Have a magic Christmas Chinamommy and family!

chinamommy said...

Oh bless you Rusty!! She will be SO happy!

Bursts of Bubbles said...

Thats so odd to be encouraging buying tigers for Christmas... weird actually! I thought it was a dogs for life and not just for Christmas.

You've still got some hours left until Christmas dayso hopefully you'll get something sorted. If not bake some brownies and pack them nicely for everyone.

chinamommy said...

they weren't actually for sale, just pictures of yourself with the tigers. i think they were raising $ to save them or something...? they had signs up saying they do NOT encourage tigers as pets... ya think?!

Renee said...

That picture reminds me of the looks my daughter used to have when she was little. If she wanted to smile she would.

At least your little one will visit Santa. My grand has seen him 1 time in her life. And now she doesn't belive in him anylonger.

Well back to my toiling in the kitchen. Ummm ya think I can get by with just 4 kinds of cookies.

I still need to make 2 cakes and cut up veggies and mop the kitchen and....

gues I'm being a bit sluggish too.

Renee said...

Oh, forgot to say your daughter is just so cute. But I think I've told you that before.

And I went to your friend's site and am following and then I went to her friend's site:) :)

Angela said...

So sorry to hear about little Darling :) I hope she gets well in time for Santa!!

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