Sunday, December 26, 2010

Leavin' on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again...

It's true, I am leavin' but more about that in a minute!
Are you knee deep in paper, plastic bags full of tiny pieces of "stuff", silly bands, candy wrappers and toys?  If so it probably means you had a great day yesterday- we sure did!!
Here is a tiny bit of the aftermath after much picking up...
(how cute are those PJ's?!?)
Yeah, that's right OVER 480 pieces...Thanks Santa!
This thing is VERY cool!!  Darling and I have put on our engineer hats and are having a blast building it.  As I type she is opening the giant bag full of TINY grey thingy's...I better type faster and get back to it!

I want to share  the most WONDERFUL gift I received (NOT that the Mister didn't spoil me rotten with J. Crew clothes, a beautiful Spa robe and other goodies...).  Darling and I saw this frame the other day while shopping and apparently she made sure to tell Daddy she had found the PERFECT gift.  She even went downstairs and picked out the picture to go in it.  It's a picture of her at 3 year old- she had traced her hands (complete with fingernails and all 10 fingers) onto a magnetic drawing board.  I had written the date above her hands and then taken the picture, I thought it was SO cute.  I think it looks perfect in the frame.  This needs to find a special place in our home because each and every night we say:
"I love you to the moon and back...NO MATTER WHAT!"
I always want her to know that regardless of what choices she makes in her life: great, good, and not-so-good, she will ALWAYS have the love of her mother!!
 and I think I forgot to show you my Christmas "Stocking".  Yes, mine is a mini mink coat!!  Anyone surprised?! I doubt it!!!
Let's get a closer look...
Fabulous! :) 
Ok, now back to the jet plane that I'm leavin on....
I AM leavin' on a jet plane, but I DO know when I'll be back again!  It's true chinamommy, the Mister and Darling Daughter are headed SOUTH!!! Yippppeeeeeeeeee! You know this mama is NO fan of the cold and snow, also not a fan of flying...
We are headed to Florida!  Don't bother breaking in, the house sitter will be here, someone has to watch
Theodore Winston!
I'll have posts posting while I'm gone...magic, I know!!
Anywhooo, I'll be soaking up some sunshine (COME ON FLORIDA!!) visiting Mickey and Minnie (EEeeek!!) and going to see MSU play in the Capitol 1 Bowl
(sorry Momof5...).
I'll take 9,000 pictures of what I see (don't worry, these aren't your Grandmother's travel pictures, these will be fun!) and we'll chat soon!!
love to all my readers and here's to 2011!!
(here's also to getting rid of that horrible thing I did in my front entry...anyone wanna come over and sand it down?)


The Rusty Teapot said...

Hope you have a Super Time! Keep Darling nice and close to you in Disney! When we were there I caught the chipmunks trying to walk away with my 3 year old! Will be waiting to see all the pics when you get back. xx

Funny in My Mind said...

have fun!
I am so green with envy sitting here freezing but I hate flying also!
Great gifts for the little and not so little princesses~

Renee said...

Have fun. I hope it warms up down there for you.

Love that frame.

My grand loves Littlest Pet Shop things. And boxes with many parts that need to be put together.

Say hi to Minnie and the princesses

Bubbles said...

Aww how sweet that she saw a gift for you and went back with your partner to buy it... so cute!

I hope you have a fantastic time in Florida, bring back the sunshine for me too plus I can't wait to see your gazillion photos.

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