Sunday, August 21, 2011

Digital Scrapbooking and hats for kids.

It's Sunday and I have the whole house to myself until late this evening.  So far I have:

  • torn out what was left of the landscaping on 1 side of the house and by "landscaping" I mean the 2 huge chunks of hostas that were left after we tore the rest of the crap out 2 summers ago.
  • drug 1 huge hunk of hosta to the front of our drive-way and planted them along the edge of the tree line, left the other off to the side for the Mister to deal with tomorrow.
  • replanted the side yard with a butterfly bush, black eyes Susans and this other pretty pinkish thing.
  • showered
  • put on a ridiculous outfit
  • ribbon danced around my yard until the neighbors complained

Ok, enough of that craziness... What I really wanted to tell you about was:
1. The hat drive
2. The Memories Suite 2 Giveaway that will be posted on Tuesday.

All information about the hat drive is located under the hat drive tab above.  There is also a donate button if you'd rather help that way.  Every single penny goes to the drive, whether to buy yarn or to ship.  This is the 2nd year I've done this and I'm really hoping this will be another great year for the kids!  Please let me know if you have ANY questions at all!!

The 2nd thing is something I am also REALLY EXCITED about and I'm going to give you a little teaser.  On Tuesday I'll be posting a give-away for someone to WIN: My Memories Suite 2 for FREE! (For everyone else I'll have a code that will allow you to try My Memories Suite 2 and additional embellishments for a special savings!!!!!!) I was given this software to try out and let me just tell you... I LOVE IT!  It's easy, it's quick, it's adorable AND (most importantly) even I can do it!!  This is perfect for someone that's REALLY into scrapbooking OR.... someone that wishes they had their pictures in a CUTE  album but find that scrapbooking really isn't their "thing".  If you've ever wanted to try digital scrapbooking but just didn't know where to start, this is really going to help you out!  I've already done several things and can't wait to show you!!!!!!!!!!!

So, come on back Tuesday and see what this is all about!!!!


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All advice about the hat drive is amid beneath the hat drive tab above. There is aswell a accord button if you'd rather advice that way.


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There is also a donation button if you want help in this way. Every penny goes to the training, either to buy or son to be sent.

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