Friday, August 5, 2011

10 Random Summer Things Friday

1.  Roses from my garden in vintage lavender glass bottles.

2. An arrangement picked entirely from my yard this morning- love that!

3. The reason this post should have been titled "Projects I have yet to finish..."

4. Always looking to add more PINK to my interior :)  The seat and wheels were a rosy red and I'd show you if I could find my "before" picture but we all know I am NOT that organized...

5. Ugly chandelier bought for $15 at the Habitat for Humanity store... Just wait to see what's gonna happen! (don't worry, that's my garage, NOT my kitchen in the picture!)

 6. Our kinda tame (OUTside) cat, Sparkles, she forgot to wash her face.  Her Dad is Blond and her mama is a tortoise shell cat, so she's black with a black and yellow tail... We don't have cats that are going to win beauty contests roaming our property!

7. Another Habitat find... I have 2 set of these.  My friend bought 2 sets also, we got the last 4 out of over 750 sets that they had!  We thought they were dressing rooms at 1st but I'm thinking they were lockers from a nursing home?!  If anyone has any GREAT idea to make these baby's over, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear it!!

8. The grumpy bunny that lives in The Mister's workshop, maybe she would be happier if she were fuchsia?  NOPE!

9. a barrel full of spindles that the Mister TRIED to put in a dumpster... for SHAME!!

10. A cool bulb I planted this year, it's called a Pineapple Lily or a Eucomis Bicolor for you brainiac's out there!
Have a GREAT weekend!  The Mister and I are running a 5k in the morning.  I am SO proud of him, at 52 this is his 1st ever 5k race!!  Since I plan to leave him in my dust, I'll be sure to get pictures of him crossing the finish line!
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LuLu Kellogg said...

Good luck in the race! YIPPEE for the Mister running!!!


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