Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ibegged, igot, ilove

my iphone!  honestly, i have no idea why the mister made me wait so long and if he would have realized how happy it made me, i like to think he would have: got up in the middle of the night on black friday to stand in line in sleet with waist high snow, wearing nothing but boxer shorts to bring me such joy! and yes, i do own a rhinestone crown!  blackberry, you are dead to me, i shall never speak of you again even if you were pink.  my new iphone is white and pure and clean, except for the makeup smudge on the edge of the case where my face hits, but mr. clean magic eraser is a friend of mine!
please enjoy
yes, this is a stock photo because i live in michigan where there is NO sun right now and my pictures are worse than usual.  yes, this is the exact case that my phone is sporting because
1. it is pink
2. verizon had this one and stupid ones and i didn't want to wait.
this is like having another child and so she shall have more than 1 outfit and unlike my first child (which happens to be a REAL child) she shall be fancy and non argumentative when i dress her up like the fancy girl she is!
if you are also an iphone ifreak, i am going to need to know your imust have iapps
so far i have:
closet (be still my freaking heart!!)
target (duh!)
mars hill
i'm trying not to go all icrazy and buy every app that looks cool because i know me and i know i always think i must have it ALLLLLLL and then i use very, very little. oh look who just might be confronting (and beating) her mild hoarding tendencies!!


BundlesofBlossoms said...

"mild hoarding tendencies"

You are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

I can feel your love for the iphone. Isn't it great when something in life makes you feel that good? Loved this blog post!

I have been such a slacker on my blog readings, as well as, my own blog posts. I do this every January-I am blaming my lack of blogging on Pinterest~

You go girl!!!

(insert the "z" snap here)

Renee said...

I don't have an iphone but have a droid

apps there is a free Kindle
another free book site
you have to get Angry Birds for darling daughter:) (I don't like it but keeps the grand occupied)

mw said...

fertility friend
more beaute2 (photoshop for your face!)
mad libs
quick sleep
the weather channel
ski report (on the snow)
Viber (to txt peeps internationally)
Words with friends
More Toast!

Unusual Girl Studios said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unusual Girl Studios said...

I am so happy for for you! And me! No more of this conversation..." So then I said 'take that fox and wrap it around your neck real tight! Right? Right?? Hello? Are you there? Damn it all!!!"
Love you!

Angela said...

AW, you dressed her up so cute!! I went from an HTC Hero to a Samsung Galaxy and love the improvement. I never got into apps with my Hero and still haven't with my Galaxy. I am basically just into calling, texting, and taking pics :) Enjoy dressing her up!!

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