Friday, January 6, 2012

Pinterest DIY's

have you found the pinterest crack yet?  i have and i'm willing to admit i have a problem.  i like to log on while darling is getting ready for school, i like to check after i get her on the bus, throughout the day and then again before bed.  good Lord, i don't want to miss anything fabulous!  don't call dr. phil yet, i'm still bathing, using the toilet IN the bathroom, running, feeding my family, crocheting and shopping for cute outfits, it hasn't ALL gone downhill around here...yet!  today, i'm going to share some really cute DIY's i've found there.  if you can ever get off pinterest to make them, that would be awesome!

1. distressed photo canvas

2. DIY Photo Pendants

3. Mason jar candles
**i'm going to give you a little bonus info that i also learned on pinterest: instead of buying wax, melt down your old candles in jars, you know, the one where the wick is gone but chunks of wax are left.  Pour layers of scents that go together and use up that usable candle wax!**

4.  Bleach pen t-shirts

5. Paint chip garland
(don't call me if home depot kicks you out!)

7. Crepe paper rosettes

8.  Subway art
(look for ALL  kinds of saying that fit your home on.... pinterest, where else?!)

9. Open weave beanie (crochet)

10.  t-shirt rosette ring

i hope i've listed something you might like to try, but even more than that, i hope i've helped you decide to come along with me and waste even MORE time online!! 
if you need a pinterest invite, email me at:
you can find me there under the name:
chinamommy S
have a great weekend!


Angela said...

I have been wanting to paint some "Subway Art" since before Christmas but just haven't found the time. I am hoping to finally get my house in order this weekend and start on one next week. I sort of had my own idea of how to do it but I am going to look at the DIY now! It will probably save me a little trial and error.

Angela said...

Okay, got it. I think I will go with my original idea of painting the board white and putting my vinyl letters on top and cover the whole thing in black. I don't know how to design a big negative template but I do know how to cut letters with my Cricut!

LeeLu Creations said...

Ooh, ooh! Love the candle, heart garland, and tshirt ring!

GardenofDaisies said...

There really are so many fun and inspiring pictures and projects and recipes on pinterest! I love it!

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