Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome 2012, chinamommy is back at it!

1st off, do NOT start your new year by trying to print postage online, seriously, do NOT!  why does it have to be so hard? why do i now have to get dressed and drive into town before i freak out and lose my mind?  i am 3 days into this year and already i am feeling a level of frustration that i try to avoid at all costs. 
instead i'm going to recap my life starting in august... is that when i abandoned my poor blog?  no, no... wait, i do remember sharing with you the fact that i got felt up by a baby at thanksgiving, so let's not go all the way back to august!
my kiddo had a Christmas concert, 
(mine is the little Asian cutie in the beautiful black and blue dress.  guess who never even thought of looking for a RED Christmas dress? me and the mother's of those boys.)

i sold a ton of initial ornaments, i was so busy this year i didn't even start my Christmas shopping until the last 2 weeks...  almost every order was a special order, i sold only 1 pre-painted letter!

i started teaching darling (at her request) how to crochet (squeal!!)
(NO, i did NOT pick out that outfit!!)

i went to Christmas parties with the mister,

i got fuchsia highlights in my hair, painted my nails with kardashian glitter polish, and spent december waiting for a bird to fly out of a nest i found in our (real) Christmas tree.  i pinned like crazy (pinterest people!), went to the library with darling, slept in, hung out with my kiddo, ran and just plain RELAXED.  i spent Christmas day with my family and truly had one of the most wonderful Christmas days in years!  ok, last year was pretty hard to top, being at Disney and all, but... this year was a pretty great day.
it was a great break from it all and now i'm ready to get back at it!!  let's talk more, shall we?
did you have a good Christmas? or was it full of crazy family drama?  did you get anything fabulous (like MY white range rover?) or anything just horrible?
do tell....


Melanie said...

Let me be the first to tell you welcome back! It's nice to know someone is a worse blogger than me. At least as far as keeping up with it goes. Darling's hair is still getting so long and doesn't the mister look svelte!? Glad you had a nice holiday. Aside from all the puke, it was good around here too!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Welcome back Sweetie.

You are looking SMOKIN' in that pic of you and the Mister!

Eeeeeeeeeek! Here's to a wonderful 2012 with lots of merry and mayhem!


Unusual Girl Studios said...

I want pink hi lights! Can you do it for me? Umm, very glad the mothers of those boys didn't think of looking for red dresses either! The blue is very pretty, like the midnight sky that Jesus was born under....

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