Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gettin' my organizer Nerd on!

i LOVE to organize!  
no seriously, i do!! i've often thought (semi-seriously) about starting an organizing business.  i'm not a huge fan of maintaining it, but i like to dig through and sort.  so last night i had an attack of the organizers...
i'm one of those girls that when i get interested in something i feel the need to have it ALL.  shocking, i know.

 when i started crocheting a couple years ago, i started collecting patterns. 

i had to have them all!!
  i get 

 i'm part of , i've bought patterns from etsy, i download them from red heart and, if you follow me on, you know i pin patterns there too.  yes, i am aware i have a problem.  
 needless to say i have too many patterns in too many places.  last night, thunder struck and i gathered ALL my patterns and a 3 ring binder full of clear sleeves:
i started tearing magazines apart, knowing i would NEVER in a billion years make everything in there.  honestly, i felt a little guilty "ruining" my magazines... oh-my-gosh...what is WRONG with me? tell me i'm not alone!!
so this is my project to finish today!!  i'll also be making dividers so i can keep separate: hats, scarves, home items, cute items...etc.
are you a crazy organizer? or just a crazy hoarder?  are you trying to get things in order for 2012?


LuLu Kellogg said...

You should see my closet. It's SO organized and color coordinated. It would make you ill.


Kim said...

my craft room looks like yours-and for the same reason- I think I need everything when I try something new. I am a craft hoarder BIG TIME! I even hoard half finished craft projects- there should be a support group. Sometimes I feel like I spend more time organizing craft supplies than I do creating! Good luck on your crochet organizing- looks great so far!

Angela said...

Fantastic!! I love this idea!!

But, I have to confess - I could never bring myself to cut apart my flea market magazines :(

Unusual Girl Studios said...

Ok, so the cozies are growing on me! I, too, love to organize but like a one night stand...after the first glorious encounter I lose interest. And, by that I mean- I'm a good organizer, dedicated to getting everything in its place but..not so good at keeping it that way!!! I do have several inspiration notebooks overflowing with great art stuff!!!

Renee said...

Semi-organized, semi-hoarder trying to do better. At least I can get into my craft room now.

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