Wednesday, February 29, 2012


does not stand for pre-menstrual disorder, or maybe it does?!  
PMD in chinamommy's world now stands for: mircroderm, not wait... personal microderm!  a couple weeks ago i was having lunch with my mental twin, christine      
(of: Unusual Girl Studio ).  we were chatting away when microderm abrasion came up, and the fact that we love having our face sanded down to the bone (well, maybe not that far) but it was too stinkin expensive to go as often as we want/need.  i mentioned that i had seen a new PERSONAL microderm machine, chris said she's seen it for $170.... fast forward to the next day, me in my fuzzy pink robe, coffee in hand, watching GMA (good morning america) when the "Deal of the Day" comes on.  Robin is on with
the "deal of the day" came on and what do you know, it was the VERY same PMD we had just been discussing the day before and it was $60 including shipping!  
 you have never seen someone fly to the computer faster than this chick did, i swear i was in the top 10 that ordered!  as soon as my confirmation email came i immediately called chris.  no lie, by the time she got hers ordered, there was a 4 week back order!
well, mine showed up a week ago, 1 day after my gum surgery.  my face was a little sore to be scrubbin' the skin off, so i left it alone (as hard as it was) till this weekend.  OH MY, go get one!  here's my take on this little piece of fabulousness:
1. it works
2. it's easy to use
3. it's easy to clean
4. immediate results
5. $ saving
you are basically just vacuuming the crap off your face!  i could tell right away that my skin was softer! i love this little machine and can see myself using it on a regular basis, while trying to avoid TOO much use!  no one is paying me to say this, but if you'd like to, i take paypal!
5 stars for the PMD!!
if you'd like to read another review, check this link out:
killer lipgloss review
she gives all kinds of details that i'm too lazy to give!


LuLu Kellogg said...

I got the Olay Pro X thinggie that is like the Clairsonic (but HUGELY cheaper) and it's amazing! My skin has never looked better!

We are purdy!!!


Angela said...

Dang, now I want one but I spent all my extra cash on an overhead projector (which I have not had 10 seconds to use...)

kia said...

OMG you are so lucky you got that deal! I'm so happy you love it. :)

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