Friday, February 24, 2012

The Queen of England's got nuthin' on me!

this is my gram, she's 102-1/2!!  In this picture she's only 101-1/2.  she's quite a lady, let me tell ya!  her entire adult life she ate the same thing every single morning for breakfast: bowl of grape nuts, 1/2 glass prune juice (don't ask), 1/2 glass OJ, 1 cup coffee, 1 piece of fruit.  she is a woman of order and consistency!
she was also quite the fashion plate back in the day...
dresses, heels, gloves and...HATS!
 guess who was lucky enough to get her hat collection?!  

 this one is best viewed from the top, otherwise it looks like i have a plate clipped to my head!

 the net is not so comfortable in the eyes!

 ummm, not so sure about this.  X marks the spot?
oh wait, i think that's the way it goes!
so this is only 1/2 the collection but you know i posed with them all, so come on back to see the rest!  Have a happy weekend! xoxo


Funny in My Mind said...

Put them on Ebay, the Queen probably checks daily for deals.
The blue and white flour sack hat is the one you should wear today!
Love your T&C pics!

Unusual Girl Studios said...

Put a bird on them and hang them on the wall!

Sheryl Parsons said...

Too funny! Love the hats by the way, although I have big hair and hats don't do well on big hair. :-)

Angela said...

Love the pics!! Can't wait to see the rest.

Renee said...

That is great your grandma is 102, wow. Great that you have her hat collection. Do you have any pictures of her wearing the hats?

Melanie said...

Awwww! Your Gram is so cute! I love her and her precious hats! How lovely that you got them all. Oh, and I am with Chris. You need to take some of those hats and put a bird on them!

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