Thursday, January 29, 2009

♥Valentines Day is Coming...♥

Don't fall over... i finally finished some pendants, photographed them AND listed them in my etsy shop! i amaze myself! ha! The 1st 2 are by me & can be found in my esty shop- chinamommy.
This 1st one is a pop-top FULL of fuchsia Swarovski Crystals... I ♥ how this looks!!
This next pop-top pendant has a vintage image of a little fairy surrounded by mini Swarovski crystals, in *pink*! Sealed in clear acrylic. This one will be listed 1/29/09 at
Ok, here are some goodies from OTHER ARTISTS on I'll list the name of their shop above each of their pieces!
How cute is this? A little conversation bubble pendant!! this is by: PiratesAndPetticoats (what a cute shop name too!!)
Felted hedgie's! My kind of pets!! They are from: BeneathTheRowanTree. Aren't they cute & you don't have to clean their cage- lovely!!
BATHBOMB! I've never tried one of these, but this makes me want to!! Yumm & a cupcake to boot... you know I ♥ cupcakes!! This is by: AnitaCraftyCreations
i ♥ these!! I don't think it's EVER going to warm up in Michigan... SO cute & the colors are FABULOUS!! check out her store at: WindowsOfAgate
This simple & *darling* silver charm is by: JenniferCasady
CUTE- hun??
this is tu-tu cute... sorry, i couldn't help myself! these are all the rage for little girls & can you even imagine how cute this would be for a photo shoot? i know you want it so go check out her store at: BabyMakesThree
i say you're lucky if baby only makes 3, did you see the news & that lady that had like 34 babies at ONCE... ok maybe it was only (only...HA!) 6 or was it 8?
Cute, unusual, & whimsical... Pendant by: aPassionForFashion i ♥ this too!
i am in ♥ with this simple, whimsical style! & the bird? how CUTE! my mom has a fear of birds- a severe fear (you know, cause Robins kill thousands of women every year...) but she would even like this one!
Go grab it at: ZephyrWoods
this bracelet makes me DROOL! the poka-dot ♥ beads are so stinkin' cute! i WANT it!!!
the shop is: TrashAndTrinkets (another shop name that makes me want to go inside!)
i may have put this bracelet on here before... it's TRUE ♥ on my part! i'm one of those freaks that would rather have glass candy, than eat real candy, so this is right up my alley!! So *sweet* you'll have to brush your teeth after wearing, i'm sure! Find this cutie at: beadbrains
For those of you that want the REAL thing, check out these pretties! Candy ALMOST too pretty to eat! Find these & more at: sweetsbird
Check their shops... so many more cute things!!!

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