Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Have you seen the previews for this movie?... Coraline? It looks SO SO cute! You must check out the link below, i am amazed... AMAZED by it!!!

Yesterday i was pretty inspired so i was busy making pendants in the art room! It seems i have a hard time finishing anything. i'm always waiting for something to dry... Plus, i really do have a hard time finishing things... I'm a "starter"! The last time my parents were up, my Mom said "you kinda like to jump around don't you?" haha! Yes, i guess i do! I wish i was a _____, but i don't know what that blank is! My brother is a painter &... he paints! He doesn't jump from clay to paint, to printmaking... HE PAINTS! I am trying with all my might to get him to photograph some of his work... he is AMAZING!! I don't mean one of those guys that can paint something that looks like something, i'm talking full on PURE talent! He paints things that make people say "how does he even imagine that".

I'm listing some more pendants on etsy this week: here is a preview...

We're getting ready to go ski this weekend! Here's a couple pictures from last year:

ya gotta love the mister's hat!
Happy Tuesday!! ☺

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faerie enchantment said...

I have to check out Coraline, and I love all your pendants! Beautiful!
Magic and Joy!

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