Monday, March 9, 2009


i had some pictures to share of my own, but after messing for almost an hour & not being able to get them into a folder & loading then i GAVE UP! here are some random cuties that are all available on
if you want to see more go to etsy & type in the name i've put next to each picture. hope you enjoy & have a great day!
puggy stickers by maustudio

by: Angelheartdesigns

These crack me UP! Check them out in the store: emandsprout

Cute stickers by yaelfran... she has lots of other cute stuff in her store on etsy!

by loulouandoscar, now that's CUTE!

By maryjudy... LOVE these colors!!

Granny Smith apples by EternalSunshine

Little caged fairy by Lenae on etsy.

Print by TummyMountain on etsy

this is one that isn't on etsy anymore, it's sold, but make sure you check her out at sweeteyecandycreations
Happy Monday♥


Penny said...

I love the puggy stickers! So cute!

Sandy Michelle said...

Those are some yummy etsy finds! Happy St.Patrick's Day :)


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