Monday, March 30, 2009

MSU & Monsters

Don't get me wrong, i'm not a sports fan by any stretch of your imagination, but... basketball, i can't help myself & i mean that literally. It all started over 40 years ago when i was conceived in INDIANA by 2 Hoosiers! So, even though i was born & raised in Michigan... i can't help the whole basketball thing! I don't watch very often, & would much rather see a live game than one on tv, but... if it's on, i'll watch & that's saying a lot. Football- NO thanks, i HATE it! I've been known to take a gander at a golf game if Tiger is playing, but i'd rather play that one myself. I was a runner & hope to be one again- you know with the whole "40" thing & all. I don't know what it is, but you can be thin & then you turn 40 & when you run to get the mail you feel something moving around on your butt, then you realize it IS your butt... it moves??!! what in the world??, but i'm telling you... it does!

So here are daughter & i below in our MSU gear cheering our team on! Darling daughter decided she must do total green from headband to rubber boots! Ok, it's not MSU green, but it's green & that's what counts when you're 5 (and 1/2!!).

Fridays are our "Mother/Daughter Day" since she doesn't have school. I've been on a real creative roll but hate to NOT spend time with her when she is home, so i try to stay out of my studio on Friday's! We headed out EARLY, like by 11:13 AM!!!! for the 11:45 showing of "Monsters VS Aliens" in 3-D!! I must say, it really was CUTE & funny & 3-D, what isn't to love about 3-D!!???!
Darling Daughter is wearing a candy necklace, so during the movie i can hear her chewing & munching on that in addition to our giant pretzel. After the movie we headed to Toys R Us. As we're walking up to the door she zips her coat ALL the way up & when i ask her why she says: she doesn't want the other kids eating her candy necklace. Really, i say, you think kids are going to come up & just start chewing on the candy around your neck? She says "well, they could". I don't know what this thing is with her where she feels like her things will be violated by other children. Maybe it's an "only child" thing? Or maybe it's just her... Anyway, she loves that video game they have on display at the toy store- you play by riding some little bike thing... we were there WAY too long. I hate the store where we live, it's dirty & i swear they have the nastiest bathroom in the entire city! I feel like i need a hazard suit to go in... just think of all those unsupervised kids peeing & doing God knows what else in there... UGH, it could bring the germ-a-phobe in anyone come out!!!

On Saturday the 3 of us went shopping & i'll have some Easter goodies to show you tomorrow... hang with me, i'm going to get some more pictures to post! I also finally finished my English pals CHRISTMAS exchange.... go ahead, throw tomatoes & call me a SLACKER! i admit it, i suck at deadlines & that is why i hope to never have to return to a "real" workplace, who would want me? I'll post some pics of the exchange AFTER it arrives in London since i don't want to spoil this anymore than i have...

Off to the grocery store 'cause i'm glamerous like that...



Little Miss Crafty said...

that's ok I forgive you :) x

zoe said...

YOU BOTH HAD A BLAST WITHOUT DADDY AROUND? HAHAHA i love hung out with my mum still, she loves sit down in her favorite Delifrance coffee house and order her tea reading newspaper and i enjoyed my cakes! You such a great mother!


zoe said...

Your sweet daughter really cute the way she zips her coat!!! hahahah really cute of her and i am *LOL*

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