Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

My poor, poor blog... so neglected! I just haven't felt good & so i haven't really been doing anything to post about... I hope to get something done today, so here's a little bit O' green for ya in the meantime (all found on www.etsy.com):
By Greenbriar for $27...cute, hun?

Print by mywireempire $12

Necklace by: Smashing

Cute print $85 by: GollyBard

1 comment:

zoe said...

Lovely Green green post!
I just so happy for your stopping by:)
I love your "Colour Me Happy Scrapbook!" its so fun & happy on just looking of your happy family pics and love story of yours...my scrapbook project which was couple of years ago *hehe you probably you have seen in my blog, whenever my blog been neglected and also way too far to visit other's in blogland i really felt a bit missed out hahaha..silly me


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