Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the HEAVY backpack, the giant book & other tragedies...

i've been fighting (& i thought winning) the battle of "The Gunk", but alas, i've given in to it... i went to the Dr. yesterday & got an antibiotic, it was FREE at Meijer... FREE????!!! So i went thru their craft aisle & made up for it!

This morning i woke up at 2:33AM, maybe it's because i was asleep somewhere around 9:30 last night?! I laid there for a while then got up & watched "Anne of Green Gables", man am i glad i wasn't born in that era "Anne mind your skirt near the buggy wheel"... Plus the formality of it all... ugh! Anyway, i watched that then flipped around thru anal cleansing & houses for $300 & some guy that can show you how to make $$ while you're asleep using the Internet... REALLY? Thankfully i was too lazy to get my phone, i'm a sucker for those fast talkers & i had the rotating mascara wand to prove it! Yeah, save your $, that thing rotates so slow, it took a month of Sundays to get enough goop on my lashes! So i went back & watched the show "That's clever" (hahaha, i just typed cleaver) that i DVR everyday. At 5:00 i decided i'd had enough TV & headed down to my art room to work on a little photo album for darling daughters friend that is moving back to Japan tomorrow. By 7 i was done with that & headed up to start the "get ready for school crap". I have NO idea how anyone with more than one child can actually get them to the bus stop on time... She's 5, so it's not like we're doing major hair-dos or make-up or fighting over outfits! BUT.... today she's wearing 3/4 sleeves & that is just a horrible thing, because, apparently they pull up when she puts on her coat & that is just UN acceptable! I pretend i don't notice as i snap her rain coat & get her into her rubber "bug" boots. The backpack... OH THE BACKPACK, that is TOO heavy today & her library book (which i am quite sure was the biggest book in the entire library) way too large for her to carry, oh wait... she has on tights too & therefore, she can barely walk.... It's a hard day for darling daughter! Now, in her defense she is TINY! My daughter, if you don't know, is adopted from China & is pretty teeny- at 5 1/2 she is just barely into a 4T. I get her to the car (i'm carrying the VERY -haha, HEAVY backpack & the giant book) but she "can't" lift her leg to get into the car because of the tights. Deep breaths Misschell.... deep breaths. I load her, the giant book & the HEAVY backpack into the bug & drive over to the next drive where she catches the bus. When the bus pulls up she grabs the backpack but forgets the GIANT book (it's library day & i'm always the mom who forgets to return the books on time, so dang it, today she is NOT leaving it in the car), i'm yelling her name out the window and I don't know if she heard me for sure but i think as she started for the bus she realized she was carrying the HEAVY backpack & she just couldn't do it, so she turns around & heads back to the car. I'm yelling "here take your book, take it!!!" and she's looking like a deer in the headlights & is trying to get back IN the car. She's saying "i can't do it, i can't do it..." Now at this point all the kids are ON the bus & the bus driver is just sitting there with his stop sign out waiting on darling daughter. I yell "go get on that bus, he's waiting for you", i strap the backpack on her back & tell her to carry the book like a baby. She heads off wiping her tears on her rubber rain coat & i feel like a real SH*T! She's tiny, i feel bad... but then... i notice she gets up on that bus with no problem even though that first step is giant AND she's wearing tights, has the HEAVY backpack on her back & the giant book in her arms.... hmmmm? By this time i'm whipped and feel HORRIBLE so i lay down on the couch & wake up at 11! I'm headed into the school to pick her up today, i just hope she's survived the 3/4 sleeves, the tights, the HEAVY backpack & the giant book- thank goodness that sucker is going back today, i hope she gets a paperback!
Some fun "i'm an artist" rings i did the other day:

have a great day!


Britt @ Sweet Sassy Molassy! said...

I *love* Anne of Green Gables!! I too am glad I didn't live back then. Your poor DD, I was sitting here picturing her dragging around all those heavy things as I
Are those rings you made mood rings?! :)

zoe said...

haha i love watching DVD alone too in the early morning!
what a poor DD:> perhaps she's going to be very independant!


yes said...


didi said...


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