Wednesday, September 23, 2009


i totally feel out of my blogging groove, it was there & then.... the computer took a crap & it was gone.... Hmmm, i feel like i need to hang out at Goodwill or downtown on skid row to get a good story, notice i did not say i should hang out at the MTV awards or something glamorous for a good story- i find celebrity's BORING! Ok, shut up, i do watch Entertainment Tonight, but i find a good bum more interesting than Brittany or Lindsay any day! Yesterday i went to lunch with friends, which was great! Summer was so weird, we were so busy doing nothing that we didn't have time for anything! Darling daughter just wanted to sleep in, hang out, play with the mother slut's kittens & jump on the trampoline. There was no schedule & i couldn't get anything done. I'm totally artsy fartsy & like to fly by the seat of my pants but i do need some type of schedule or i'm just a total slacker! Now that school is back in session i have put myself on a strict schedule:
  • 7:00 am get up
  • fix breakfast
  • start yelling at darling daughter to EAT!
  • get her clothes ready & check her back pack, tell her to hurry & finish EATING!
  • yell at her that she just doesn't understand what hurry means
  • make sure she is getting dressed, brushing hair & teeth, and going potty
  • 7:58 yell for her & Teddy to get IN the car
  • 8:00 back out of the garage like a bat outta hell & fly over to the bus stop
  • she gets out into the swarm of mosquito's that are literally eating everyone they can because being 1st in line for the bus is a HUGE deal when you are 6 & in the 1st grade!
  • i sit in the tank & wrestle the dog (dear Teddy, our Yorkie) off me
  • 8:14 back at home, sit at computer & pretend this blog is a real job :)
  • my goal is to be dressed & down in my studio by 10 am.... somedays are better than others & besides, i'm JUST getting back on my schedule, right?
Now, if you've been reading a while, you know of darling daughter, if not, here is a re-cap: i adopted her from China by CHOICE (childbirth freaks me out &, in my opinion, is NOT natural- although many like to point out giving birth is the MOST natural thing you can do.... ok, a person coming out of your JJ...? go right ahead!) anyway, she is very stoic, an old soul, serious, shy in public & LOVES to do math workbooks for fun- got the picture? She is the daughter of a full on right brained artsy type that does not mind being the center of attention "Hey y'all, have YOU SEEN ME YET?". Yesterday i made a stop at Target to grab a few things & saw this cute hat. I thought maybe she would want to work it into her Halloween costume since she wants to be "a ghost without a sheet on my face"... a ghost? REALLY?? Geesh, doesn't she realize that she has an artist at her disposal that can not only make a costume but can think up ALL kinds of cool stuff?! A ghost... I'm all about letting her be what she is comfortable in & making certain choices on her own, so i decide to go with it, but of course i'm going to have to go all Martha Steward - Betsy Johnson on that outfit! Visions of white tulle & glitter are running through my head. I see this scully hat with pink interior & long braids & think maybe, just maybe we can work with this. Well, when i get home & show her the hat i get a flashback to frosty the snowman "there must have been some magic in that old silk hat they found for when they put it on his head he began to dance around...". She wasn't dancing, but she transformed into a goof ball!!! Who loves her some Billy-Bob Teeth??? Yeah, she's purty....
i love it!!
Anyway, it's now 10 am & here i still am in my PJ's.... behind schedule already!


Coastal Sisters said...

OMG the Billy Bob teeth are hilarious and look SO real!


C. said...

ok, so in light of the secret information that I have.... that picture scared me. I was a fraid it was a pic of the new....

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