Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Has the whole world gone MAD???

If you live in Michigan, I'm sorry... hey, i live here & wonder why i do everyday except for the 6 sunny days we have a year! Hawaii- where were you when i was graduating from college & NOT thinking about my future happiness? I digress... I was starting to say: if you live in Michigan surely you're seen the following picture & blurb out of the Grand Rapids Press. For those of you lucky enough to live somewhere else: this woman, out of the kindness of her heart, was watching the neighbor kids before the bus came so their moms could get to work (yeah, some people still have jobs here in Michigan) on time in the morning & now they want to throw the poor woman in JAIL! Someone in my life (past life) owes me around $30,000, was court ordered to pay & hasn't paid one cent of it.... is he headed for jail?? HECK NO, they've got to make way for nice mommy's who help other mommy's!

Lisa Snyder, left, watches kids play at their bus stop, which is also her driveway, Friday, Sept. 25, 2009 with other neighborhood mothers Francie Brummel, back left, and Mindy Rose, back right, in Middleville, Mich. Snyder has been notified by State of Michigan that she is breaking the law because she watches her neighbors' children each morning before they get on the school bus. State Department of Human Services officials told her last week that she was operating an illegal day care.

(AP Photo/The Grand Rapids Press, Katy Batdorff)

Is that the DUMBEST thing you've seen in a long time, or what? Middleville, MI is this tiny little town south of Grand Rapids- the kind of town that stays out of the news for the most part. This story was on the TODAY show yesterday & today it's on the front page of YAHOO! Geesh i only dream on this kind of fame & attention! Personally, if it was me gettin' all this prime time, i would have been sure to put on my "1st Dibs on the Hottie" tube top & girl.... you KNOW i have one!!
I've been in my studio quite a bit this week even though i am fighting off the swine flu, no really... i'm sure i have it! I'm going to try & get some pictures of the goodies i've been working on. Have a GREAT day!
PS: a special thanks to little miss crafty for showing me how to cut & paste on my mac!! Go check her out, she is one talented chickie!!


Little Miss Crafty said...

that is hilarious...only in America !

Kiy said...

This is *exactly* why I moved away from GR! I was raised in a small town (size and mentality) near GR and you couldn't pay me to move back. I have now lived all over the world, and am in the process of moving to another smallish city. I hope it's better here - but at least it doesn't snow!

Yell if you want to chat, I get back "home" ever year or so for a visit.

Cheers, Kiy

P.S. Oh, and I hope the neighborhood finds a way to make this work. It really is a win-win for everyone.

Kugo said...

This is just ridiculous and I hope they are ashamed at this press they are getting.

Hope you feel better soon!

Bridget said...

OMG did they forget it "takes a village" to raise a child. I would have been all alone as a kid if my neighbor (Mother of 7) did not take care of me & lots of other neighborhood kids before and after school. GOD BLESS the Mothers that do this.

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