Friday, July 15, 2011

10 Random Things Friday...

Really??  It's Friday?  This week has just FLOWN by here... I'm not even sure I remember Monday!

1. I just heard that American has gone soccer crazy... We have?  Something about a World Cup fever?  I wondered what everyone on Facebook was talking about... Are you watching or are you like me and have NO clue what's going on in the world of Sports (besides me and my running, of course!)

2. Wait, I just remembered Monday! I had my boobs smashed in a machine and YOU SHOULD TOO!  Mammograms, not great fun, but a GREAT way to help keep you healthy!!! 
I know the mug really doesn't have to do with a mammogram, but googling anything to do with boobs (to get a picture of a mammogram machine) is NEVER a good idea...

3. Also our power went out from sometime after 10 AM until 10:01 PM.  Do you know what this means?? It means I missed this crazy gal!!  Are you watching too?
I've been trying to watch my missed episode online but without wearing a helmet made of tin foil I can't get the whole show to play.... Let's hope all the neighbors sign the paper going around so we can get super-power internet!

4. I have a friend with some.... ahemm, "hair issues", apparently the circus is trying to woo her for a sideshow (her words, NOT mine), so she's trying to figure out a way to get one of these, the NoNo.
Has anyone tried this? Would you? It runs under $300 but gets RAVE reviews-you can even try it FREE!!!  I WANT it, I WANT it!!! Hey NoNo, I'd LOVE to review this for you and Yes, I want the PINK one!!  I had the epilady in the late 80's.  Remember that torture machine? I wanted one so bad and got one for Christmas back in '88.  I was so excited I let the hair on my legs grows for weeks!  I'll never forget the excitement I felt on Christmas morning when I opened, what I thought, was the solution to my shaving problems!!!  The excitement turned to horror when my brother held me down and my BF (at the time) started running that baby over my hair leg!!!  It was HORRIBLE!  I ran from the room, grabbed a razor and shaved my weeks of hard work off as fast as I could!

5. The Mister cleaned out his "man shed" last night
Remember the show
Sanford and Son?

6. What mornings look like at my house this summer

7.  Why Yes, we are President of each other's fan clubs
What Darling and I painted for each other at the Naked Plate place.

8. Some things I bought for my etsy shop but have decided to keep and hang on my wall...

9. A Granny Square blanket that I'm crocheting for Darling.
I'm pretty sure she'll change the colors in her room before I finish it...

10. Last but NOT least...
The 2nd annual Baby/Kid hat drive for the kids in China.

Please see all information under the tab at the top!  If you'd rather donate $, there is a paypal donate button at the top on the LEFT, you can donate ANY amount, even $1!!  Honestly, ANY amount is very much appreciated and ALL $$ goes to this drive!!!  Just to re-cap: I collect *NEW* winter hats in ALL sizes for kiddo's that are living in an orphanage in China.  I get the name of a needy orphanage from the agency I used to adopt my darling daughter from.  Handmade or store bought, pink, blue, or purple- these kids don't care!! Please feel free to tweet this, post it to facebook or blog about it!  If you have ANY questions at all, email me at:
Thank you!!
Have a great weekend and get ready to crank up your A/C!!


BundlesofBlossoms said...

LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!! I just have to say the "nono" part of your blog took me completely by surprise when I was catching up on my blog reads this evening. It totally cracked my ass up!!! I was so flattered, in the most strangest of ways-I was, I was. !!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!!!

Hey, I think that since you and I both survived the horrid epilady of the eighties, then we deserve the sassy pink "nono"

I will own one-I have hope!!!

(Thanks for the shout out!) I love your blog!!!!!!!

Romaine said...

Never did the epilady after hearing the horror stories; am curious aout the noon which I only heard of last week on late night tv! Let us know how successful it is! (big wink) I know I sure could use one; especially for those hairs that appear over night on my chin! What is with THAT!?
Ditto on a pink one!

Romaine said...

Okay, you know I mean nono, not noon, right? :0)

Melanie said...

You better kiss that baby awake every morning! She looks so kissable all snuggled in there! Nothing better than a sleeping baby.

And I'm hoping I'm the first to say this: the Mister sure has a lot of wood...

Let me know how the No-No goes. I am German and have a lot of hair issues myself.

Shewearscrazywell said...

I totally want to try the nono! I messed up lil darlings this weekend I gotta redo them...much better, then they will go out in the post! I've not forgotten about future running buddy! Hearts, Janna Lynn

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Tell your hairy friend to do laser I tied EVERyYTHING and laser is the way to go it is permanent !!!

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