Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fur Coats at the Beach and other Michigan goodness

Oh, I hope you all had a GREAT 4th of July weekend!!  We went to Lake Michigan, I ran a 5k (i know, i'm addicted!), we went to West Michigan's longest parade (and I forgot my camera-still cringing), went to a carnival, ate an ox burger, saw fireworks, and got a few mosquito bites!  It was AWESOME!!  I know you all love to see the beauty of MI and that's why I make sure to ALWAYS take my camera to the beach, so enjoy!!
1st up, new HOT trend: Fur coats at the Beach!!

 I wondered what this fella was doing, I thought he was just cooling off... 

 Silly me!!! He was taking a WAS Saturday!

 This little gal was putting on quite a show!!  She was mad at her dad for pulling her sister around on a raft, so she was pulling out all the stops and wailing like she'd been shot!  See that spot of all those sticks?  It was just 1 random spot on the beach where they all landed...gross!

 Apparently Sports Illustrated was there!  The photographer was sporting spandex, it was awesome!

 You may wonder how I get such great shots... I go in disguise and sit in a camouflage beach chair!

 How do you leave your undies in a parking lot at the beach?  There is a bottle of water and a coke there... Hmmm, does that wet spot on the ground look a little yellow to anyone else?

 Hope your weekend was as great as ours!!
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steufel said...

LOL :-)

BundlesofBlossoms said...

Let's just say,

"Those guys were so HOT" LOL!!!

Angela said...

Aubrey and I read this last night but blogger would not let me comment :(

Those hairy back guys - poor things! I knew a guy like that once. Ew can you imagine?

Unusual Girl Studios said...

That is one cute kid!!!!!

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