Friday, July 29, 2011

Random Friday...

Is anyone else slacking on the whole blogging thing this summer?  I just don't want to bore you with things like this: I went to my eye Dr. today, she said I had pointy eyeballs....(true story).  We're having a great summer, it's just that something interesting isn't happening every day, ya know?  I've saved all my "good stuff" for today, so get ready!!

1. I saw 2 wild animals at Lake Michigan recently:
a gorilla
 and a zebra

2. I swear, this is NOT my fault!!  This is her own "style"...

3. I bought these for my etsy shop but fell in love after painting them...
Newly decorated wall in our home coming soon...

4. The Mister bought these for me, just cause he's awesome

5. Don't mess with:

6. A sneak peek at my porch remodel...

7. I have no idea...
anyone else find a microphone in their fridge next to the bloody Mary mix?

8. On July 21st, my Grandma turned 102, yes, you read that correctly 100 AND 2!
This picture was taken last year on her 101st.  I didn't see her this year, she lives in another state.

9. Our FAVORITE meal at our FAVORITE Japanese Steak house
Prawn shrimp with egg yolk batter (i don't know what it is, please don't ruin it for me, i LOVE it!!), grilled zuc's and onions, fried rice, scallops and a Bahama mama! 

10. I just want to make sure EVERYONE knows about the hat drive for the kids in China! Please tweet, facebook, and/or blog about this drive!!  I'm going to make the official cut-off date Oct 31, 2011.  All hats MUST be to me no later than Halloween!!  I'll take NEW hats in ANY child's size: newborn to 15 year old kids.  I'd love you to make one (or 20) but store bought is JUST FINE TOO!!!  If you'd rather make a cash donation, please go to the top of the blog and look to your left for the "Donate" button.  Honestly, even $1 will help!!

Thanks to those of you that have already donated, I can't thank you enough!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Still summer lovin'

Oh my gosh, every time I walk into my living room and see MAC glaring at me I feel bad about NOT blogging.  I guess I just don't feel like I have the time to post anything blog worthy.  I'm working today on Friday's Random post because I missed last Friday... I don't remember why.  Maybe I was busy pondering how the kids on "It's a Suite Life" somehow got onto a cruise ship...  
I just wanted you to know we are still alive and enjoying the summer sun!
Check back Friday for my regular random Friday post or get busy making a hat for my hat drive!!  See all the details above in the hat drive tab.  $$ donations are also accepted, paypal button on the top left of the blog!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to the sweetest girl I know!

Today is my sweetie's 8th Birthday... where did the time go?
(FYI: she's holding "Sports Beans" in this picture. They are for runners, an energy blast, but she says they make her hyper and begs for them ALL the time...Ummm, NO! But for her birthday, I give her the kid-cat-nip beans.)
Feeling SOOOOO blessed that God picked me to raise this sweet, sweet girl and am so sad to see the years fly by...
Happy Birthday to my favorite girl EVER!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

10 Random Things Friday...

Really??  It's Friday?  This week has just FLOWN by here... I'm not even sure I remember Monday!

1. I just heard that American has gone soccer crazy... We have?  Something about a World Cup fever?  I wondered what everyone on Facebook was talking about... Are you watching or are you like me and have NO clue what's going on in the world of Sports (besides me and my running, of course!)

2. Wait, I just remembered Monday! I had my boobs smashed in a machine and YOU SHOULD TOO!  Mammograms, not great fun, but a GREAT way to help keep you healthy!!! 
I know the mug really doesn't have to do with a mammogram, but googling anything to do with boobs (to get a picture of a mammogram machine) is NEVER a good idea...

3. Also our power went out from sometime after 10 AM until 10:01 PM.  Do you know what this means?? It means I missed this crazy gal!!  Are you watching too?
I've been trying to watch my missed episode online but without wearing a helmet made of tin foil I can't get the whole show to play.... Let's hope all the neighbors sign the paper going around so we can get super-power internet!

4. I have a friend with some.... ahemm, "hair issues", apparently the circus is trying to woo her for a sideshow (her words, NOT mine), so she's trying to figure out a way to get one of these, the NoNo.
Has anyone tried this? Would you? It runs under $300 but gets RAVE reviews-you can even try it FREE!!!  I WANT it, I WANT it!!! Hey NoNo, I'd LOVE to review this for you and Yes, I want the PINK one!!  I had the epilady in the late 80's.  Remember that torture machine? I wanted one so bad and got one for Christmas back in '88.  I was so excited I let the hair on my legs grows for weeks!  I'll never forget the excitement I felt on Christmas morning when I opened, what I thought, was the solution to my shaving problems!!!  The excitement turned to horror when my brother held me down and my BF (at the time) started running that baby over my hair leg!!!  It was HORRIBLE!  I ran from the room, grabbed a razor and shaved my weeks of hard work off as fast as I could!

5. The Mister cleaned out his "man shed" last night
Remember the show
Sanford and Son?

6. What mornings look like at my house this summer

7.  Why Yes, we are President of each other's fan clubs
What Darling and I painted for each other at the Naked Plate place.

8. Some things I bought for my etsy shop but have decided to keep and hang on my wall...

9. A Granny Square blanket that I'm crocheting for Darling.
I'm pretty sure she'll change the colors in her room before I finish it...

10. Last but NOT least...
The 2nd annual Baby/Kid hat drive for the kids in China.

Please see all information under the tab at the top!  If you'd rather donate $, there is a paypal donate button at the top on the LEFT, you can donate ANY amount, even $1!!  Honestly, ANY amount is very much appreciated and ALL $$ goes to this drive!!!  Just to re-cap: I collect *NEW* winter hats in ALL sizes for kiddo's that are living in an orphanage in China.  I get the name of a needy orphanage from the agency I used to adopt my darling daughter from.  Handmade or store bought, pink, blue, or purple- these kids don't care!! Please feel free to tweet this, post it to facebook or blog about it!  If you have ANY questions at all, email me at:
Thank you!!
Have a great weekend and get ready to crank up your A/C!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Lovin'

 Geesh, I feel like it's been FOREVER since I blogged! You know when you live in Michigan, you've got to enjoy the summer while it's here because in the blink of an eye we'll be neck deep in SNOW!  
I missed you last Friday because we had to attend the Mister's Grandma's funeral.  
She was 97.  
I've been running, killing ants and avoiding house cleaning. Darling and I have been shopping, painting pottery and reading on the front porch (the re-do is coming soon, I promise!).  The Mister is working in his garden, cutting his "golf course like" lawn, reading and working.  I'm also planning my parents 50th Anniversary open house and pestering the Mister to move the playhouse to a different spot in the yard so we can start DECORATING!  I haven't been in my studio, working on my etsy shop or blogging (obviously...), but... we ARE enjoying the slow paced life of summer, I hope you are too!!  I'll be back this Friday with some randomness!
Go enjoy the heat or A/C, you're choice!
and don't look up my dress!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fur Coats at the Beach and other Michigan goodness

Oh, I hope you all had a GREAT 4th of July weekend!!  We went to Lake Michigan, I ran a 5k (i know, i'm addicted!), we went to West Michigan's longest parade (and I forgot my camera-still cringing), went to a carnival, ate an ox burger, saw fireworks, and got a few mosquito bites!  It was AWESOME!!  I know you all love to see the beauty of MI and that's why I make sure to ALWAYS take my camera to the beach, so enjoy!!
1st up, new HOT trend: Fur coats at the Beach!!

 I wondered what this fella was doing, I thought he was just cooling off... 

 Silly me!!! He was taking a WAS Saturday!

 This little gal was putting on quite a show!!  She was mad at her dad for pulling her sister around on a raft, so she was pulling out all the stops and wailing like she'd been shot!  See that spot of all those sticks?  It was just 1 random spot on the beach where they all landed...gross!

 Apparently Sports Illustrated was there!  The photographer was sporting spandex, it was awesome!

 You may wonder how I get such great shots... I go in disguise and sit in a camouflage beach chair!

 How do you leave your undies in a parking lot at the beach?  There is a bottle of water and a coke there... Hmmm, does that wet spot on the ground look a little yellow to anyone else?

 Hope your weekend was as great as ours!!
PS: Don't forget about the HAT DRIVE, details above under the hat drive tab and if you'd rather just donate $, the button is at the very top left of the blog!!
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