Monday, March 19, 2012

how a GREEN lamp changed my life...

(Whewww, i wrote this post last week, but i could NOT get online, i felt like my right arm had been cut off!  so, without further ado, here is my old post where i make a short story long:)

how a green lamp changed my life, or at least my master bedroom!  let me just start by saying, i have paid my dues, so the fact that re-doing my master bedroom is high on my list of "stressers" is okay!  though i prefer to NOT go into the "ugly years", trust me, they were ugggggggleeeeeeeeeeeeeee! so now, i have a very wonderful life which means i have shallow things to stress about, which is great, but temporary, because in only 4 1/2 years, i'll have a teen age daughter and then we'll start the REAL stress...  
ok, back to my life changing lamp!  my bestest buddy, mental twin chris just happens to be a real life interior designer.  poor her, she has me for a pal.  i paint, buy bedding and then see something that changes my whole plan.  i have a new idea faster than we can EVER finish a room, yes...yes, ADD decorating!  1st the master bedroom was light blue with black and white bedding then one day i was like "what the heck? this looks like something out of a jc penney catalog (no offense jcp!)" so i found those bird curtains, 'cause i'm all about sticking a bird on it!
well, these threw off my wall color, then my bedding and then me!
i had chris on the hunt for bedding and paint that would make these work but told her i was willing to sacrifice the curtains (and the wasted $$) if "we" found something else.  i prayed the mister wouldn't notice if they suddenly disappeared! i couldn't sleep at night, i spent hours scouring the internet for bedding, i read my benjamin moore paint color deck like it was the Bible... see?  shallow stress at it's best!
then 1 day i heard a voice from above, it was TARGET calling, so i hopped in my tank

and drove to the motherland.  there it was, the lamp that changed my world
so now.... i just have to change my wall color and my bedding, but the curtains can stay.  geesh, i guess i didn't save myself that much work (or $) after all, but... the curtains can stay!  didn't that just make your day?
tomorrow, i'll have some new items to show you, some new things for my vintage etsy shop
to say this shop looks a little sad, is an understatement... i'm sorry!!
have a great day, the sun is up and i'm headed out to put 8 miles on my new running shoes...don't be jealous!


Maureen said...

LOL! It's funny how one little thing can have the domino effect. The curtains would have pulled me in too!

Melanie said...

Sorry, but I can't help but think how great that green would go with the black and white bedding. But, look at you, you took some regular old windows and you put a bird on them! Fancy you!

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