Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paper clay, it's EASY (but not sleazy)

have you tried paper clay?  i did and i like it!!  
i've had some down in my stash for a long time, but haven't really done very much with it.  gee, i wonder why?  i've only started 794 projects the last 2 years-don't ask how many i've actually  finished, maybe 3?  i'm no expert on paper clay, but i did make some cute little pendants yesterday (and finished them today, 'cause i am a procrastinator extraordinaire!).  i'm just starting to realize all the FUN stuff you can do with this air drying clay.
i made an easy little tutorial to get you started too!
grab: some paper clay (duh!). i used "creative paperclay" it's an 8 oz block that i found at Michael's Arts and Crafts.  also a pasta maker (dedicated to crafts ONLY), some mini rubber stamps, mini cookie cutters, a small bowl of water, paint brush, silver paint and wax paper.  if you don't have a pasta maker for crafts, you can always make 2 equal stacks of playing cards that you can put the clay between and roll out.  stack as many as you need to get the thickness you'd like.  i put my pasta maker on the thickest setting which is kinda thick, but not really.  have i mentioned i got a D- in math every time i took it?
i suggest keeping your clay in a plastic baggie and then down inside a little tupperware thingie. 
 i rolled out my clay then made a light mark with my circle cutter before i stamped so i knew where i was going to put my design.  if you cut the circle 1st then push your stamp into it, you can distort your circle.
 push your stamp down in and gently rock it back and fourth.  if you don't like your 1st stamp, wad it up and re-flatten.
 once you get it cut out, take your finger and dip it in the water then run it around the edge of your pendant to get rid of those little edges (i know, this picture sucks!)
 go see my buddy's blog to see what this amazing girl is doing with paperclay
use a pokie thing (i'm technical too) to make a hole in the top.  be careful when you start to move that clay around, you might get some cracks, just use your finger in the water again to smooth it down.
i let mine dry overnight on the wax paper and them got out some silver acrylic paint.
 you can see below how i didn't smooth my clay out real well in the "K" pendant, i should have smoothed it out before i let it dry... easier to fix while it's still damp.  
once the paint dried, i put a little jump ring thru the hole and wrapped a swarovski crystal too, 'cause i'm fancy!
 these really are pretty quick and easy to do, something even your older kids could do (mom of 5, i'm thinking of YOUR girls:).  cute jewelry, gift tags, charms... if you try some, make sure and leave the link in the commets!
i gotta run, mad max 2: the road warrior is on!  happy thursday friends!


Unusual Girl Studios said...

I love me some paper clay!!!!There's also a recipe to make a paper based clay hat's really strong but not as smooth- nice for large projects. It requires that you tear up a whole roll of tp into tiny bits!!!Theraputic as all get out!

Angela said...

I have not heard of paper clay at all - you know since I live in the boonies and all. Looks fun and not at all messy. I ALSO got Ds in math every single time except for the one time I got an F and had to go to Summer School. Then, I got to college and had the most wonderful teacher who taught her students like they were 5 year olds and I actually liked algebra and ended with a b+ --that woman was a miracle worker and should have been given her own statue.

LeeLu Creations said...

As always, adorable! :)

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