Saturday, February 7, 2009


Well, my blog buddies- I've got my xanex strapped to my thigh & am ready (GULP) to fly... We're off to... HAWAII!! Watch out Maui! If you're just finding my blog, don't worry, I'll be back.. back another year older, but back none the less! Yes, my friends I'm off to Hawaii AND i'm headed to FORTY!!! i swear i was 17 yesterday & now, here it is, the big 4-0!! So now i must finish packing & head out the door! If i see Dog the Bounty Hunter & Beth, I'll be sure and get a picture (& try to grab one of those feathers outta his hair... OH brother, don't get me started!!)

Check back after the 16th of Feb... I'll be here!!!

~misschell ♥♥

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