Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh crap... & some good stuff too!

i am 40...

ewwww, i HATE saying that! i'm not really the type that gets my panties in a yank over age, but FORTY!? CRAP! i don't want to be 40, but i guess it's like the 1st time my cousin got her period & told her mom she wasn't going to do that again! Yeah, how's that workin' for ya seeing as how you're in your 30's (i'll be nice)? i just do NOT want to be this old... i've got good genes in the family- everyone just keeps getting older & older & OLDER- case in point: we'll be celebrating my gram's 100th birthday in July! Lucky for me, i'm not one of those people that's thinking "crap, how long till this is over" about my life on a daily basis... cause if family history tells me anything i'm gonna be around for a ~LONG~ time... i just don't want to be around for a long time OLD... ok, enough about that or i'll have to break out the mad dog for breakfast...

i saw 3 movies this weekend! i know, Entertainment Tonight will be calling me any second due to my glamorous lifestyle (& wait till they see what i wore...ha!)

Movie #1- Coraline...

ok, this is NOT a movie to take a little 5 year old girl to if they find anything a tiny bit creepy scary to them! Darling Daughter wanted to leave & spent the last 1/2 hour with her little face buried in my chest (sorry honey there aren't nicer "cushions" to rest upon...). Honestly, it was pure eye candy to ME! i ♥ 3D & just the visual aspect of this movie was very enjoyable to me. the story itself? ummm, it was ok. i could have watched it without sound & been quite happy!

Movie #2- Revolutionary Road

The mister & i wasted: $7.50 (at the cheapie movies) on tickets, $3.75 (WHAT??) for a box of STALE dried up Junior Mints (yes, i exchanged them at the end of the movie.. the new box is yet unopened in my purse after a BAD jr. mint experience during our ski trip- think an entire jumbo box melted in the side pocket of my new purse...) & 6 hours of our time! Ok, maybe the movie wasn't 6 hours, but it FELT like it! i hate that i even am showing the movie poster, but trust me - it's ALL FOR YOU!
This movie SUCKED- 'nuff said!

Hollywood redeemed itself on Saturday night with:
Movie #3- New in Town

Cute! This was just that... cute! I loved how they totally mocked US scrapbookers! ha! I love to scrapbook & have enough albums of darling daughter to give her an ego the size of Asia! but... i am also the 1st to make fun of it too! This movie was just a light funny clean cute movie! Personally, i don't care to sit & watch someone say the "F" word as many times as they possibly can or watch people get naked, but that's just me! i'm not a huge fan of Renee, i don't know what it is about her, because she's a good actress, i think it's her face (how mean am i?), it's like it's all botox'd up or something... do you notice it doesn't move? i don't know, but it kind of freaks me out.

Speaking of scrapbooking... i'm working on the HAWAII album & at the rate i'm going, i should be done by the time we go back... & if i have anything to say about it, we ARE going back! Have i mentioned how much i LOVELOVE LOVE Hawaii?? If not, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hawaii! We took our pics to Meijer & had 263 4X6 prints made! i worked all day yesterday & got about 4 pages done... i have this thing where i never know if i should just slap 'em down so it's done or make each page a little piece of art... i know, my life is hard! ha! i'm trying to go middle of the road on each page...or maybe a little less. i want every page to be a masterpiece, but please... even I don't have that much time! here's a little peek at the mess i've got going:

1/2 my stack of pictures... HALF!

some of my tickets, brochures, maps, tickets...etc.

Well, i better go get busy. i'm also taking Elsie Flannigan's class & i'm 2 weeks behind- of course! Thankfully, they'll leave the projects & instructions online for a whole year!
Happy Monday,

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twinkleshabbystar said...

HAPPY BIG 40 MISS Misschell!!! WHOO-HOO! Fabulous at FORTY!!! :) So cool our b-days are a few days apart. Im sloooowly creeping towards 40. hee! hee! Sounds like you had a AMAZING time in Hawaii! Cant wait to see more pics! Looks like you will be a busy scrapbooking girl! :) Warm Hugs! XOXO,Jenn

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