Tuesday, February 3, 2009


well, i've added a new background, but it seems i'm running off the edge... i'll have to check that out!

i'd love to have you leave me a COMMENT if you're reading my blog... i'm just curious if it's only the mister or if there are others of you out there! don't worry this isn't a scam to send you all kind of junk mail- i wouldn't know how to even do that!

ok, i'm off to meet with a friend for some retail therapy & maybe lunch if i

can get dressed before noon!

is this not BEAUTIFUL?? it's Mark Ryden...
his paintings!!

have a GREAT day!


Little Miss Crafty said...

emailed you about your blog problem and I love the paintings, I have a book of the artists paintings some are a bit disturbing but sweet at the same time, they scare me a bit.

faerie enchantment said...

I love those Mark Ryden paintings they are gorgeous! His works is wonderful!

Have a Safe and Happy Trip, take loads of pictures!

Magic and Joy!

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