Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Maui, Maui... how do i love thee?

i have a few more picture of Hawaii to share.... actually i have almost 300, but do NOT worry, i won't do that to you...
This is ONE of the one lane bridges on the road to Hanna... i forget how many of these there were, too many to count! this road is impossible to describe, you have to drive it to believe it!

One of the many places to eat along the road to Hanna... or maybe not! it didn't look like it had had any customers for a while!

The beauty is hard to believe... do the people that live here see it anymore?

a sign at a road side park... just thought it was humorous.

Good thing i went to the bathroom before we left!!

These are from the luau we went to. The show was spectacular & darling daughter LOVED it.

my daughter is going to have hundreds of photo's of me looking like a dork... it's my signature pose!

the luau... everything was so GREEN here!!

i'm headed down to the art room & it's before noon... boy am i proud of myself!


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