Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Yes, yes i've made it to Hawaii & back... back only because they found me hiding in the closet & dragged me to the airport kicking & screaming the whole way! Oh how i LOVE LOVE LOVE Maui! I would move there yesterday with only the clothes on my back.. although i'd have to unravel the sleeves from my wool sweater as it was 85 degrees when i left! If there is any way you can get there... GO!!! It made me sad to think about a time in my life when i was 27, single & had some $$ in the bank & could have moved there... funny, i never thought of it then!

here are darling daughter & myself at the airport in Detroit- Yes, the xanex was flowing thru my blood!

Here we (darling daughter in pic) are having just arrived at the Hyatt of Maui. This is the LOBBY... orchids & palm trees everywhere... so stunning my picture could never do it justice!

Our 1st Hawaiian Mai-Tai's- yum!

One part of the amazing pool! There is a bar behind the waterfall, another waterfall, a bridge & more pool!

the kiddie section of the pool where darling daughter spent every second she could!

here we are inside the waterfalls! it was SO loud!!

Some of the plants/animals on the grounds of this amazing resort!

The view from our room... Yes, that is the Pacific Ocean behind the palm trees.

Ahhhh, a sunset in Maui in a hammock with my family- it really doesn't get any better than this!

I'll post some more later, but don't worry, not all 276that i took!!

Aloha, Misschell!

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