Friday, October 29, 2010


Every year I dream of Darling Daughter begging to be a Princess... Every year she wants to be something like a Vampire Bat
(oh, those eyebrows KILL ME!)
or a Pirate...
Yes, that is a glittered eye patch- duh!!
Thankfully she does let me glam it up a bit with PINK and GLITTER!!  I'll get some pictures later today at the school party!
I shouldn't complain TOO much... I did get ONE Princess out of her when she was 3!
Oh my gosh, I know she's my own child, but is she stinkin' ADORABLE or what????  Eeek, I miss those days!
(My mom made the outfit, I bought the fabric & pattern because I THINK I can sew...I can't!).
I think everyone's seen this picture by now, but it was our muse for the pumpkin we did for Darlings school.

I'll get pictures with my "little" camera today.  I took pictures with BIG MAMA 

and still don't know how to make them smaller so they don't take 9 years to download...
Ok, I've got a few loose ends to tie up before I head over to Darlings party (shocking, I know!).  I'm still sick, I really hope I have a lot of downtime this weekend so I'm ready to go next week!!
WASH YOUR HANDS and have a GREAT Halloweenie!


Angela said...

oh that Snow White photo is to die for!! So cute!! Have fun - can't wait to see the photos!

Hey, do you have a setting on your camera so you can make the pictures small?

I think we have similar cameras I think yours is like the badder big brother to mine though :) Anyway, on mine you push the menu button. A screen comes up that says :

red-eye on/off

select Quality by pushing the set button. Then, using the arrows, scroll down and select either one of the "S" options. I hope this helps.

chinamommy said...

Oooo, thanks lady, I'll give it a look!! My brother told me you can do that in photoshop too, but I feel like i'm drowning when I open that program up!!!! Eeek!
Snow White... I know!!!, right??!!?!

BundlesofBlossoms said...

That, Snow White picture, is the most adorable picture ever-OMG!!!

Get to feeling better-wink!

KJ said...

Vampire Bat... SO Creative!
Snow White pic... SO Adorable!
AMAZING PUMPKIN... I think I have pumpkin envy! :)
Oh, and I LOVE your camera!

Kel said...

That is one scary pumpkin! I with you on the princess thing. My girls used to want to be princesses, but now they want to witches!

Renee said...

Oh, I miss those days with my grand, too, she loved dressing up.

Very cute vampire.

Great pumpkin.

My Cannon had a disk for the computer that has an easy program, you just click on the download manager and it lets you click on which pictures.

I don't know how I got it to work so easily.

Melanie said...

Okay, so I'm trying to re-enter the blog world. I caught up on your blogs but would be here all day if I commented on everything I want to say. Let's just say CUTE CUTE CUTE a few times and that will sum up most of my thought. Darling at 3 is the best pic of all. I would have eaten that child!

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