Monday, October 4, 2010

Good stuff, 'cause it's Monday!

I went to an awesome antique shop this weekend, 2 of them actually.  There was SO much stuff, 3 floors FILLED to the gills with stuff!!
Did I have my camera? NO!
WHAT?? That's like peanut butter with no jelly!!
I know, I know!!
SO many photo op's but don't worry, that will not be my last time to that place!!
I spent $2.  I'll show you tomorrow what I bought (see how I'm making sure you come back?! I mean, if that isn't high suspense, I don't know what is, it's like a blog cliff hanger!!).  I wanted to buy the life story of Xavier Roberts and his Cabbage Patch Dolls, but it was $3, for .25, it would have been mine!
I made these for darling and I
I got my pattern
HERE!! at Heidi's Hats on etsy!!
 I still need to add the flowers...

Darling and I did this

I found these
Got this 

to make more cuffs and ↓↓↓THIS↓↓↓
I know I just made one, 
they had me at RUFFLES!
Go to the link below and check out this fabulous blog.
and I started making this
Inspired by the ADORABLE Amber...I'm pretty sure that's where I saw this
well, "this" won't load, so I'm not sure where I saw it, but even if it wasn't Amber she's super inspiring!! So go check her out
Holy cow people.... when I started this post I started by saying I had nothing to say, obviously, I went back and deleted that!
It's almost noon now and I've done NOTHING, so I gotsta gotsta GO!!!!


Angela said...

Love the ruffles!!

Great job on the Halloween decor too!

Melanie said...

Those hats are great, and will look so cute on Darling. We will need to see pics of her cuteness in them when they are ready!

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