Thursday, June 30, 2011

Random Friday...

1. I ran a 5k last Saturday: here I am with the Mister before the race started.  Doesn't he look GREAT?! He's lost over 42 lbs...SO Proud of him!!! 
 See why I run?  Doesn't it look fun?? 
The GREAT news: I got 2nd place in my age group!!!!!  
No, I couldn't find a bigger watch...

2. How cute is this EASY 4th of July snack?
Make sure you head over to this cutie's blog and see HOW-TO

3. Summer-Bubbles-Stinkin' Adorable kid!!

4. I'm watching a news report right now about a Florida Principal who hypnotized his students...WHAT?!
Ummm....creepy, 3 of the students have killed themselves!  Remember when you learned how to spell p-r-i-n-c-i-p-a-l and your teacher told you it has "pal" on the end because your principal is your friend?
Not so sure here...
story and photo HERE

5. Need a new hobby? Want to know what's HOT?
source and more photos HERE!
more HERE!!!
I think momof5 and my Auntie ★ may be interested!!  Go to that 2nd link and check the gallery...#3 made my mouth fall open!

6. Wish you could learn about your camera and photoshop, lighting, actions and 9,000 other photo things??  I know I do!
Check out this link:
texas chicks blogs and pics HERE
I've had this site saved in my "Favorites" forever, now if I would just sit down and DO IT!

7. A little something that's in the "plans"...
More on this to come...

8. We like action shots around here
No, I can't get my mouth open any wider...
Don't you love how you take a picture and then think "holy cow, I have gotta get those weeds pulled and that front door and trim repainted!"  I think I also want to stain our porch, I'd rather tear it out and put in something like this
Check the above link for AMAZING porch ideas... I think I might buy curtains for mine after checking this site out!

9. Please don't do this if you love our country...

10. Even though it's HOT out, Don't forget the hat drive for the kids in China!! 

MORE info in the hat donation tab at the TOP.  NEW handmade (or store bought) hats for the kids left behind in the orphanages of China.  IF you'd rather donate $ and I'll do the pickin', hit that "DONATE" button at the top on the left!!
Thank you so much to those of you who have already donated!!
Ok, Americans, GO get started on your HOLIDAY weekend!


Funny in My Mind said...

Yes, your hubby looks amazing!!
Never heard that expression about the princiPAL. hmmmm
Of course those are stupid poodles, ew!
Cool playhouse.

Unusual Girl Studios said...

Great post! Man- I sure could get into that extreme dog grooming!!!

Angela said...

The Mister is looking good!! He must be so proud and feel so GOOD!

Boy, I have missed you SO much. Working is for the birds - but I do love some money :D

...and Darling is cuter than ever!

Renee said...

Congrats to you for your 2nd place finish and to hubby for the weight loss. Great for him.

Your daughter is adorable.

Love the new porch:)

Cute playhouse

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